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The Dolphin's View (The Dolphins' View): Book 3: Hannibal Invades Washington

Tom Brown Mookeeo (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-1869-X ©2004
Price: $13.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 174 pages
Category/Subject: FICTION / General

The finmen discover limits to their non-violent approach. They are ridiculed, exposed to grave dangers, and harassed by the FBI. Can they overcome formidable obstacles to achieve their impossible dream?

The finmen organize a protest that shocks the nation. They march on Washington, but their crusade leads them into grave danger. Nina gives birth to a stillborn calf. She is devastated by the loss and discovers toxic PCBs in the necropsy. Heart broken, she displays the dead calf in a demonstration that defines the view of the dolphins.

They summon the aliens and create another approach, hoping to convince man to change his ways. Oil tankers disappear, UFOs are reported, and stock markets crash. As their plan unfurls, the CIA pursues them while John and Jeanie help them escape.

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Customer Reviews

  Excellent , 01/21/2005
Reviewer: Midwest Book Review
"The Dolphin's View " Trilogy is comprised of three original, science fiction, trade paperback novels featuring sentient dolphins. The first volume is Transformation(0741418673), $11.95) finds a dolphin who has been rescued from being stranded on a beach experiencing an intense epi[phany and vowing to remedy ills affecting dolphins. Released by his rescuers back into the ocean, he meets two other dolphins and they join him in his odyssey. The three become dolphin rebels as their unorthodox association and strange ideas exile them from the mainstream of structured, traditional dolphin society. The three rebels meet a reconnaissance party of aliens seeking to hide from their own enemies. With advanced technology and limited assistance, the aliens form a bond with the dolphins. They help the dolphins undergo a unique transformation including the ability to communicate telepathically. The dolphins the go to encounter their most dangerous adversary--humans. The second volume, Impossible Dreams, (0741418681, $13.95), finds the dolphins walking on land as "finmen" where they meet humans and undergo still another transformation to the awe of scientists and create a media sensation. They are exploited and admired, but are determined to pursue their ultimate goals and in the process, find obstacles blocking their quest including personal depression, rebellion and strains upon their dolphin relationships.

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