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The Dawn is Never Far Away: Stories of Loss, Resilience, and the Human Journey

J. Scott Janssen (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-2258-1 ©2004
Price: $18.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 350 pages
Category/Subject: SELF-HELP / Death, Grief, Bereavement

Stories from American history are used as metaphors to enhance insight and promote reflections on the human journey as seen through the eyes of people facing the challenges of terminal illness and loss.

The Dawn Is Never Far Away: Stories of Loss, Resilience, and the Human Journey weaves the true stories of people who are facing death or caring for a terminally ill loved one, with “therapeutic stories” drawn from American history. The result is a primer on handling life’s greatest challenges, as well as a treasure trove of insights into the human journey drawn from history’s illuminating narratives. The book is a must read for professionals working with terminally ill patients, people facing an illness, and those caring for someone they love.

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Customer Reviews

  Inspiring and Uplifting , 06/12/2005
Reviewer: Susan O'Leary
This is one of the most unique books I have ever read. Its very premise is compelling and the real-life stories of the people in this book are honest, sincere and captivating. The way that this book was written and organized is very clever and original. The way that each family's experience was interwoven with an interesting and poignant story from history was incredibly creative and very purposeful. As I read the stories of courage and dignity in the midst of human tragedy and suffering, I was inspired and uplifted. The author's insight into the "human journey" is amazing. His reflective and profound observations throughout the book often had me nodding as I read thinking to myself, "Hey, I never thought about it that way before". The thoughtful and compassionate way in which the author assisted his hospice patients and their families in their most difficult moments is an inspiration to anyone and everyone who has had to face losing someone they love. In my opinion, Dawn is Never Far Away is a must read for anyone who is struggling with saying goodbye to a loved one, to everyone in the hospice/medical/counseling field, to history buffs who want a pragmatic way to utilize the lessons of those who have come before us and most importantly, to anyone who wants an insightful and uplifting book that will inspire them in profound ways. I highly recommend this book, it will definately change the way you live your life.

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  A MUST READ BOOK , 06/13/2005
Reviewer: judy blanck
This is a "MUST READ" book for hospice workers, doctors, nurses, any one with a loved one who is ill, those who have lost a loved one, or, any one who has a love of history and mankind. What an out standing book. The sensitivity and caring that the author displayed has blown me away.

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  Psychotherapy Meets American History , 09/09/2005
Reviewer: Harrison Grey
Jansen, in his counseling work with terminally ill patients,uses anecdotes from American history as metaphores to help them better understand and come to terms with their suffering. Although our problems are personal and unique, they often bear universal elements that link us to all of humanity. Jansen mines this universal terrain for insights that can break a patient's psychological logjam and allow forward movement once again. Sharing these stories with his patients, he gently, creatively invites them toward resolution and growth. Into the deeply personal predicaments they face, the interjected stories of some of our great forbears (Jefferson, Black Elk, Louis and Clark, and the like)seem to bring relief, seem to help shift them from a night of suffering to a dawn of hope.

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