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Sailin' South… (Sailing South): A Romance

Dave Case (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-2508-4 ©2005
Price: $16.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 298 pages
Category/Subject: BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / General

“Dreaming of sailing the Pacific? Planning your trip and want some great pointers? A seadog that would love to relive the adventure? Then this book is definitely for you!”-Richard Wren, Mariner.

In the fall of 1979, Vickie and Dave Case set out from San Francisco in a 29' sailboat built from a semi-kit. They harbor hopped down the coast to Manzanillo, Mexico before bravely heading the 2700 miles over open ocean to the Marquesas. Using a compass, sextant, and sumlog they covered the distance in twenty-two days. Then it was off to Tahiti, and the Society Islands, Rarotonga, Pago Pago, before heading back through Honolulu and home to San Francisco. The sailing was very primitive by today’s standards. Weather and mechanical problems were a constant challenge. The people met along the way made it all worthwhile.

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Customer Reviews

  Fun Read , 05/02/2005
Reviewer: Richard Wren
"Dreaming of sailing the Pacific? Planning your trip and want some great pointers? Are you a seadog that would love to relive the adventure? Then this is the book for you! Dave has captured small-boat voyaging with style, grace, and humor." Richard Wren, Mariner.

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  Terrific Adventure, Great read! , 05/04/2005
Reviewer: Rosemary Brittain
Dave Case, a passionate master of the true adventure takes you on a riveting ride to the South Pacific. You will visit such exotic landings as the Marquesas, Rarotonga, and Samoa. With guts, attitude and delight, Dave and his wife Vickie surf the swells on their 29' sailboat, "Quark," which Dave built himself. You will be excited, you will be terrified, and most of all, you will be coming back for more. Dave Case has lived the life, and now he is writing about it. Lucky for us, we can ride the vicarious thrill and still enjoy a wonderful read!

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  Adventure Abounds! , 05/04/2005
Reviewer: Garth Spatz
Armchair sailors and crusty old cruisers alike should all appreciate Dave Case's book: "Sailin' South." Dave relates with humor and candor the realities of blue water cruising. He tells us about the highs and the lows, the beauty marks as well as the warts. Certainly anybody planning to cast-off lines and head for deep water will want to read this book. It has a lot of useful, practical advice on what you need and don't need, for your trip. It's a good, fun read; I thoroghly enjoyed it.

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  Excellent , 04/17/2006
Reviewer: George Flavell
Dave and I shared the cockpit of brand new DC-9's on several flights when he and I were airline pilots and he was an excellent pilot. I would not have thought that I could improve on that statement until now several years later. His exploits of building and sailing his sailboat "Quark" all over the neat places of the Pacific Ocean along with his lovely wife Vicky is well written. The book portrays vividly the vast expanse of open unending danger; the failure of important equipment and the workaround solutions that Dave or Vicky came up with. I am exhausted when they are; I have to have a beer when they do, A fantastic read. Captain George Flavell

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