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Kaurlin's Disciples

Michael J. Decicco (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-2952-7 ©2006
Price: $11.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 137 pages
Category/Subject: FICTION / General

Mark Kaurlin is a dynamic and rebellious high school English teacher circa 1969 whose strongest influence is on student ‘disciple’ Madelyn Judson--who develops a crush on him that threatens his career.

High school English teacher Mark Kaurlin--like many young people in the turbulent late ’60s--is rebellious and idealistic, and he strongly inspires the student devotees drawn to him. He has such a big impact on insecure, indecisive ‘disciple’ Madelyn Judson that she develops a crush on him. He quickly rebuffs the deepest of her feelings for him, but as quickly he and Madelyn grow concerned that his stodgy superiors, which include her father, the mayor, will jump to the wrong conclusions. Tensions build over whether Mark will lose his job and whether Madelyn can muster a new, stronger belief in herself to help him.

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Customer Reviews

  4-star review , 03/08/2006
Reviewer: Joyce K. Walsh
Review of Kaurlin’s Disciples Kaurlin’s Disciples captures the dramatic tension of 1960s’America between the younger generation’s idealism and the entrenched generation’s status quo. Using the familiar setting of a classroom to explore these themes, author DeCicco’s story evokes all the emotions of a teenage woman caught between her first love—a rebellious teacher—and the repressive authority of the school superintendent, the mayor, and even her own father. Through this conflict, Madelyn’s journey towards womanhood and independence is portrayed with insight and genuine feeling. by Joyce K. Walsh as told to the author, Michael J. DeCicco

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  A New Teacher, A New Life , 07/30/2006
Reviewer: Alyssa Feller, reviewer for
The late 1960s: a time of chaos, discovery, hope and fear. The country rages with the Vietnam War, Civil Rights Movement, and the Beatles. With the landing of a man on the moon, the whole world feels like it is expanding infinitely. Life is a different story for Madelyn Judson. Daughter of Bradshaw's prominent mayor, she has spent her entire life under her father's ruling thumb. Disgusted with her submission and inability to do anything to stand up to her father, Madelyn's life is full of painful emotions and turmoil. Unable to decide her direction in life, Madelyn is about to give up hope. that is until she meets Mark Kaurlin. Kaurlin is the newest English teacher at Bradshaw High. Fresh out of college and full of new ideas, he helps Madelyn discover a self-confidence she never knew she had. Quickly developing a crush on the charismatic teacher, Madelyn is surprised when Kaurlin quickly rebuffs her feelings for him. Although she no longer has a crush on the teacher, she still feels drawn to him. As the school year wears on, Kaurlin has more and more of an effect on his new students. He soon develops a group of student followers, or "disciples," not only including Madelyn, but the daughter of the most influential person in the school district. As more and more tension build between Kaurlin and the school administration over this new group, Madelyn must summon her strength to save not only her confidence, but Mr. Kaurlin's job. With an interesting plot and a unique writing style, Kaurlin's Disciples is more than enough to keep readers entertained. A story about discovering your true self, both young and old will root for Madelyn as she searches for her place in life. Recommended for readers 14 and up, this book is a great and quick summer read and will especially be enjoyed by those who like reading books set in the 1960s

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  A great story... , 12/11/2006
Reviewer: G. Protami
A great story about young people, Mike Decicco has a keen grasp on reality. He is a great writer of stories. Hope to see more.

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  Recommended for young adults and older teens... , 07/10/2007
Reviewer: shirley roe
AllBooks review by Shirley Roe: "....Michael DeCicco shows an in-depth understanding of the teen psyche. The characters are believable, show realistic concerns and emotions and young readers will easily identify with them. Although the story is set in the tumultuous 1960s, the life lessons in the book still apply in today's modern world. Recommended for young adults and older teens."

Was this review helpful? review (full version) , 09/15/2011
Reviewer: shirley roe
Mentor, teacher or rebel?, February 14, 2007 By Allbooks Review (Canada) - See all my reviewsThis review is from: Kaurlin's Disciples (Paperback) Genre: Young Adult Fiction Title: Kaurlin's Disciples Author: Michael J. DeCicco Is Mark Kaurlin a teacher, mentor, or rebellious activist? This is the question the school board is asking itself. Unorthodox in his methods, yet effective, a group of students gravitate to this new teacher much to the chagrin of their parents and school board trustees. Madelyn is a confused teen facing issues that face many of us during these hormone-controlled years. Her father overwhelms her and she is unable to speak her mind. Not only is he on the school board, but also he is the Mayor of the town they live in. His position further complicates her relationship with the new teacher. Madelyn is trying to decide where her life is going and what profession she wants to persue. Katie lives with her alcoholic father and sees no light at the end of the tunnel. Mark Kaurlin shows her the way out. Richie Caron is creative, imaginative and has a huge crush on Madelyn. His cousin, Alden is egotistical, radical and looking for a cause. This strange group of characters find themselves together in Mark Kaurlin's Rap sessions after school. A rock band is formed and a school dramatic production is planned. Will the girls' fathers intervene and have Kaurlin fired? Will Madelyn follow her heart? Can these confused teens make the right decisions? Author Michael DeCicco had an inspiring English teacher in high school and this led him to his life as a writer. One time reviewer for the Boston Globe, freelance writer and news reporter, this is his first young adult fiction. He lives with his wife Cynthia in New Bedford, MA. Michael DeCicco shows an in depth understanding of the teen psyche. The characters are believable, show realistic concerns and emotions and young readers will easily identify with them. Although the story is set in the tumultuous 1960's, the life lessons in the book still apply in today's modern world. Recommended for young adults and older teens by reviewer: Shirley Roe, Allbooks Review.

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