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The Dons of Necropolis

Richard Louis (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-3225-0 ©2006
Price: $20.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 434 pages
Category/Subject: FICTION / General

Ricky needs to unearth why his father committed suicide on Christmas Eve twenty years ago. He returns to New York as a Funeral Director to investigate rumors that his father’s suicide was murder.

Ricky needs to unearth why his father committed suicide when he was a child on Christmas Eve. Consequently his father was battling the Mafia from controlling the funeral industry. That night the Mafia sent a friend, to deliver a letter. After reading it, he blew his brains out. Kneeling in a pool of blood, Ricky embraced his father as he died. Plagued by nightmares and hallucinations, Ricky returns to New York as a Funeral Director to investigate rumors that his father’s suicide was murder. There he gets caught in an intricate web of organized crime, secret cults and unspeakable atrocities.

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Customer Reviews

  A Must Read , 08/04/2006
Reviewer: Tara
Once I started reading "The Dons of Necropolis" I was hooked. The author pulled me into the story and I felt I was one of the characters. Underneath, the crime and violence, I notice the real story of fragmentary grief and people who can't cope with death, especially how incomplete grieving can twist a child's mind. All the twists and turns with riveting multiple running scenes had my head spinning and the climax at the end was fantastic. A must read.

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  Better than the Godfather , 10/09/2006
Reviewer: M. Divestia
Great depiction of how organized crime controls the unions with an iron hand and who would think the Funeral Industry. I liked the way the author drew me into the protagonist’s (Ricky’s) POV and perspective. I felt that I walked through the story in his shoes. Well Done! Lots of hair-raising scenes, action, with plenty of twists and turns. Can’t wait till the movie.

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  The Book To Buy , 05/23/2007
Reviewer: Long Island Press
The Book to buy! LI's own Richard Louis delivers a tale of organized crime and the funeral-home industry. The Dons of Necropolis is a 434-page look into the situation of Ricky Bianca, who has recently learned that his father's tragic suicide on Christmas Eve of 1966 may have actually been a murder. Plagued by nightmares of that night, Ricky comes back to New York and takes a job as a funeral director, so that he may be closer to the circumstances around his father's death. What he finds is a universe tainted with secret cults, Mafia strongmen and Russian assassins. Louis, who has served as a funeral director for over 28 years, is well-equipped with the knowledge to deliver such a chilling story with accuracy and detail.

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  Great Story , 07/02/2007
Reviewer: Karen Hollander
Great story and roller coaster ride. I got a little confuse with the wildcat union strike. I wasn’t sure who’s striking whom. But a union neighbor of mine told me that these unauthorized renegade strikes do happen from time to time. Loved the characters and felt bad for Ricky. I didn’t realize it was a continuation trilogy, so I was left a little hanging at the end. As phenomenal as the ending was, I was puzzled and wasn’t sure what was real and what was hallucination. But when I actually looked up the chapter and verse he referred to in the book of revelation, I realized it truly came from the bible. Ricky’s childhood fears were coming to life. Bottom line: got me talking, got me reading scriptures, works for me!

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  The Dons of Necropolis , 05/10/2010
Reviewer: Joan Canfield
loved this book looking for the next book can't wait to read it

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