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Soldier Ballads and Other Tales

W.D. Clarke (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-5150-6 ©2008
Price: $10.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 93 pages
Category/Subject: POETRY / General

Clarke’s poems are narrative rhymes done in a style reminiscent of Robert Service and Rudyard Kipling. Many have a military flavor, while others are based on his wanderings and love of the Old West and California’s “gold country”.

Some of my poems are mildly irreverent. “The Pirate’s Wife,” “The Christian and the Vixen”, “The Circumcision”, and “The Ballad of Phartz Louder”, are
a few examples. I have on occasion used swear or curse words in my poems
but generally I don’t make a practice of it. “The Company Shit Burner”
(which always brings a smile to Vietnam Veterans) is an example of this
as are “The Loach Mechanics Lament”, and “Sand Baggin”.

My poetry is rhyme based. It is uncomplicated and unpretentious. The poems are fairly easy to memorize if the reader is so disposed. Some are based on actual Veteran stories which are sometimes sad or disturbing, while others are humorous.

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Customer Reviews

  Highly Recommend , 03/30/2009
Reviewer: Anne Lane
W.D. Clarke is an engaging combination of storyteller and poet. In his own distinctive style, he turns real life events and personal experience into tales told in rhyme. He addresses themes ranging from the historical to the hilarious. But whether hard-hitting or humorous, the reader will certainly relate to the emotions instilled by these poems, some of which will resonate long after finishing the book.

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  Amazing , 04/06/2009
Reviewer: Lorna McAllister
It is very plain to see this author is certainly talented. He has a very unique writing style, whether using his serious or humerous side. It brings a smile to people's faces for sure. He should consider putting this book in Canadian bookstores, as his Canadian cousin could help in this endeavor.

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  Thoroughly enjoyable.... , 05/22/2009
Reviewer: Joan Taub
As I read the poems, I was amazed so many made me smile and laugh....while others made me think and personalize the soldier's experience. I loved too how Wayne started each poem with some insight into his story. Totally recommend...

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