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Children of the Clan

Michael P. Cooney (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-5941-8 ©2010
Price: $15.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 271 pages
Category/Subject: FICTION / General

In 1993, the Philly PD all but lost the war on drugs to violent street gangs. The DA’s DIVA Task Force, lead by Lieutenant Mickey Devlin detailed from Homicide, was the only barrier between order and chaos.

With clan connections stretching back to the great Irish Famine, Philly PD’s Lieutenant Mickey Devlin will need to call on old family ties to help impede a drug war, solve the suspicious overnight shooting of a decorated detective and re-visit his past to reconcile a changing neighborhood. Along the way he, his ex-partner from PD Homicide, the newly elected DA with a history of going after the leaders of Philly’s illegal drug trade and a third-year law student from a “cop family” will do whatever is necessary to follow the evidence and get to the truth.

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Customer Reviews

  Mickey Devlin super cop , 01/27/2011
Reviewer: thom biscar
Just as his ancestors left the Emerald Isle on a journey for a new land, so too has author Michael P. Cooney set forth on a journey with his muse, traveling to the imaginary world of the mind, arriving at the isle of fiction. His recently published novels Trojan Horse 4 and Children of the Clan are focused on super cop Mickey Devlin and the Philadelphia Police Department. Let us focus on the second novel and Mickey. He came from a police family and that may account for his insight and ingenuity. He almost can read the criminal mind, therefore, he is one step ahead of the criminals, i.e. corrupt cops and politicians. Nevertheless, he comes off as a regular guy who is capable of everyday banter with his fellow officers, but he is always collecting useful information about the situation at hand. The Children of the Clan is a novel that concerns immigration to Philadelphia over a number of years, and the resulting changing neighborhoods, drug gangs and the aforementioned corrupt cops and politicians. The work is suspenseful, intriguing, and as I read I tried to guess who the killers were, or who tried to assassinate Mickey at the D.A.’s Office. Before I knew it, I had finished reading it. The characters are real and the dialogue is lively, which is probably the most important aspect of writing good fiction. The author intertwined both fact and fiction, therefore, it was instructing and entertaining, which is not surprising as Michael Cooney has a background in education as well as policing. I am probably wrong, but I sensed some elements of satire. But, as I said, I’m probably wrong. This was a really superb novel, and would definitely make an excellent movie.

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