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The War of the Nameless

A. J. Calvin (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-6295-8 ©
Price: $17.95
Category/Subject: FICTION / Science Fiction / Adventure

An army gathers to oppose the Vile Ones, A boy wizard is given an ancient book by the Immortals, As the Vile Ones prepare to free the Evil One from his prison of flames…

As Delucha Kingdom celebrates its recent near-miss at the hands of the Vile Ones, Emra Castledowns is preparing her army to march. As the Vile Ones reach nearer to their goal, Emra gains some unlikely allies.
There is Taven, a boy with a great aptitude for magic; Ravin, a powerful mage, who is out for revenge; Vardak, a skilled warrior; and Sal'zar, a Murkog who deserted his own people to fight for what he believes in.
As Emra’s army grows in size, even the Immortals—sworn to neutrality—have begun to choose sides for the battle to come.

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