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Paul John Wigowsky
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Anitioch, California

Paul J. Wigowsky is a lifetime student of comparative religions. He earned two masters degrees from San Francisco State University: English, Russian. He recently retired from teaching after a productive twenty-seven year career at the elementary and middle school levels in Oregon. He wrote a book (Freedom For An Old Believer) about the religion, customs, and traditions of a community of Russians he worked with in the school district.

Selected works by this author:
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God in Three Persons: A Spiritual Odyssey
Apollonius of Tyana, Yeshua the Nazarene, and Saul of Tarsus – three intertwined fact-based stories that reveal ancient mysteries and provide an intriguing new paradigm of the Apocalypse (Book of Revelation). read more
by Paul John Wigowsky ~ 0-7414-3791-0 ©2007
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