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Quintin Pitts
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Greenville, Mississippi

Quintin Pitts was born in Norfolk Va. The youngest of five children, five years separate from his closest brother, from the beginning there was a separation which caused him to be creative and use the gift of imagination and dreams to compensate for the lack of hands on play time. Sports became the vehicle which that bridged the gap between isolation and group activity. While excelling in sports, particularly football it seemed that a professional career certainly lie ahead, but God had other plans for him. After struggling with the issues of life, pride, sex, the drugs, the whole nine yards! God stepped in and total recall took place all those early years of dreams and imaginations slowly began to surface and the call came forth “put it on paper” as such we have the beginning of a new frontier, a God sent and ordained author, one who writes from the perspective showing the heart of God!

Selected works by this author:
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