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Duane A. Garret, Sr.
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Washington, District of Columbia

Duane A. Garrett, Sr. (Dag) is a Father who has reached the cross (road) in his Spirituality, choosing between what men have written in books or what I see in the Heavens. While searching for the truth about myself, I found a truth about our world. History wasn’t just written in books or chiseled in stone but our true history is written in the Stars above, all we have to do is look up and remember. My spirit is free and will be called Home to a whole family, the Father and Mother of everything, the Divine Light of Infinity.

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The Book of Spiritual Solution: He, She and the Tree
Aquarius is coming for the children of the new age, who remembers His story all the way back to before the beginning of time. Mother is the Judger of Hearts. read more
by Duane A. Garret, Sr. ~ 0-7414-6632-5 ©2011
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