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M.L. Madalon
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Schererville, Indiana

The author lives in Indiana with his wife and son on four and a half wooded acres. A graduate of the University of Chicago and Loyola University, his career has been in local government, city and county, CEO of a physical therapy clinic, and as a consultant to a not for profit. He has had experience in private enterprise over a number of different sectors. He is an Independent Democrat who is a program liberal and a fiscal conservative. A close observer of human nature, he believes in people as the bedrock of the political process. He believes, also, in Lord Acton’s famous maxim.

Selected works by this author:
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Redemption is a rewrite of the way the U.S. Government operates. Detailed, exact, and clear, Redemption restores government to the people, corals Congress, the presidency, and the Courts, and eliminates the influence of special interests. read more
by M.L. Madalon ~ 0-7414-7225-2 ©2012
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