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Allan James
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Maynard, Massachusetts

Yah, I was born in Saginaw, Michigan. No, actually I was born in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. It was Lefty Frizzel who sang "Saginaw, Michigan". His note bending and slurs made an impression on many listeners as well as people who copied his style, like Merle Haggard. "Way On Down," had a childish meaning for me. It is a later tune by Elvis. It seems when I was about three years old I toddled into the field about a quarter mile from our farmhouse , when I came to a barbed wire fence I couldn't get across. Was it because the barbed wire caught my pants or that I got tired and couldn't walk.

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Reflections of an Irrepressible Songster with CD
This book is about a lifetime search for a unique style with various guitar accompaniments which to me was considered somewhat divine even in my childhood because of my mother's love of the country music. She heard it on the Midwestern Hayride television program which came to our community in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. read more
by Allan James ~ 0-7414-9658-5 ©2013
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