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Day Parker
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Chardon, Ohio

My name is Day Parker and I hated reading, until a friend of mine lent me a book, The Lifeguard by Richie Tankersley Cusick, when I was thirteen. From there, I was hooked and never again without a book. I read all of her books and many more. I still remember the anticipation of waiting for the book to be released, impatiently thinking, can’t you write faster—for which I now apologize. The exhilaration of being lost in another world, was for me, the best thing ever. I knew then that I wanted to be a writer. I wanted to make others fall in love with reading as I had. I hope I've succeeded. Thank you, Day

Selected works by this author:
1 .
The Elementals: Fire
Sera was just a normal girl, or so she thought- that is, until her parents were killed in freak car accident, thrusting her into a mysterious world of wealthy relations she never knew existed. A world, that, until now, had been kept hidden from her. As her sixteenth birthday approaches, dark secrets converge, and Sera's reality is further shaken when she falls for the alluring, yet forbidden Adam Crandall. This earthy stranger ignites something dangerous deep within her that she doesn't understand. Is he the key to unlocking the mystery that surrounds her, or will he only lead to more questions? To make matters worse, someone wants her out of the picture. Could it be her arch rival, Bree, who is somehow connected to Adam and wants him all to herself? Or is something else responsible for her near-fatal mishaps? read more
by Day Parker ~ 0-7414-8307-6 ©2013
Price: $13.95

  Average Rating: (not rated)

2 .
The Elementals: Air
Since discovering she is descended from an ancient Fire elemental, Sera Hadyn has struggled with her talent, unintentionally burning the guy she loves, and narrowly escaping death on several occasions. read more
by Day Parker ~ 9781495804465 ©2015
Price: $17.95

  Average Rating: (not rated)

3 .
The Elementals -- Earth
Sera finally freed Adam—her soulmate—from the clutches of her archrival, Bree, while simultaneously removing the elemental threat to herself and those she loves, but something feels ... off. read more
by Day Parker ~ 9781495810480 ©2016
Price: $16.95

  Average Rating: (not rated)

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