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Joseph Soler
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Nelson, British Columbia

Josep is a bestselling author, international speaker, researcher and NLP trainer, with a degree in Business Administration from the University of Barcelona. In his work he shares his personal experience in eradicating a severe chronic shoulder pain, diagnosed as “incurable” at the age of 25. Throughout his 20 years of private practice, collaborations with universities, and workshops in Spain and America, he has helped more than 10,000 people gain insight into the role we play as creators and healers of their own lives. He has published 4 books in Spanish, with over 100,000 copies sold. This book shares his powerful methods through exercises, quizzes, visualizations, explorations of real case studies, and clear guidance

Selected works by this author:
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Adventure of the Soul: The Art of Listening to Life & the Art of Alignment
Adventure of the Soul is the Art of hearing what Life is saying to us through the situations that occur every day. There are messages contained in every circumstance and a way of awakening our ability to see them through paying attention to our intuitions and heart impulses; through interpreting the signs in coincidences and synchronicities. If at first we don’t get the message, then it comes back with more intensity through reoccurring challenges, setbacks, physical pain, and illness. Josep Soler shares 20+ years of experience in looking for the gifts that accompany all our trials and challenges. Say Yes. read more
by Joseph Soler ~ 1-4958-0368-6 ©2015
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