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Dr. Ronald Popivchak
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Bridgeport, Pennsylvania

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Bishop for a Day
Never before in living memory has the Catholic Church struggled and suffered as much as it has in the last three decades. The sexual and physical abuse of the young by churchmen precipitated a public relations disaster with the consequent loss of some three billion dollars in legal expenses and the defrocking of thousands of clergymen. The primary victims of this crisis were the abused youth and their families. But also victimized were the Church’s missionary and vocation efforts. The lack of clergy prompted the closure of healthy parishes and curtailment of youth ministries. It is now time for the Church to rise up and deal with all these tough problems. But it needs new and bold ideas to solve these manifold crises. This book offers the Church leaders such new and bold ideas. read more
by Dr. Ronald Popivchak ~ 1-4958-0484-4 ©2015
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