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Dr. Snow: How the FBI Nailed an Ivy League Coke King (Dr Snow)

Carol Saline (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-0560-1 ©2001
Price: $16.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 337 pages
Category/Subject: TRUE CRIME / General

This riveting, true-crime adventure lays out the rise and fall of a multimillion-dollar yuppie drug ring run by a dental student and his two classmates. Awash in drugs, sex and money, the college chums built a fifty-kilo-a-month cocaine conglomerate, buying and selling enough white powder to anesthetize thirteen Eastern seaboard states. The kingpin, Larry Lavin, a model husband and father, managed his enterprise like a Fortune 500 business, earning over a milliondollars a year before his 25th birthday. After the FBI cracked the ring and arrested dozens of his operatives, Lavin jumped bail and lived like a rich retiree until two dogged agents tracked him down and sent him to prison for 21 years.

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Customer Reviews

  Sensational , 10/15/2004
Reviewer: Robert W. Pelton
This was one of the most compelling, fast-paced books I have ever read. It belongs on the best sellers list for due recognition to the author for a job well done. I can only imago=ine the dedication and hours, days, months spent by the author on this project. I would rank this book rightup there with other non-fiction thrilers I hasve read like In Cold Blood by Truman Capote, etc. I do not say this lightly as I am an avid reader of non-fiction/documentary books. It is extremely well-written, an easy read and most of all a can't put down book ionce it is started. Sincere congratulations to the author. Robert W. Pelton

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  G reat book , 10/15/2004
Reviewer: Robert W. Pelton
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. The author has created a masterpiece of documentary writing. Only thing I have a question on is in the acknowledgments where the author tells how she was asked to write this book by New American Library as a result of a feature article she had done for the Philadelphia Magazine. Why then did NAL not publish it instead of infinity? I think it would be better to leave this explanation out in future printings of DR. SNOW. HOW THE FBI NAILED AN IVY LEAGUE COKE KING. This title, however, couldn't be better. That's what made me initially purchase the book as it was a "grabber." I couldn't wait to read it and it proved to be as good as the title indicated it would be. Also, not to nitpick, but FBI was mistakenly called fbi in a number of cases in the text. This served I thought as a distraction to the quality of her book which overall was a suburb piece of writing.

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  Very compelling , 11/23/2009
Reviewer: Bradley Fort
This was a great book, and reads very fast. I would recommend it to anybody who has a semi-open mind about drug use and how it affects people. I am an Alcoholic and a drug addict, although in recovery today, and I found Carol Saline to tell the story in a light that someone who used drugs could believe. Her research was complete and I found myself glued to the pages like I was experiencing it for myself. She adds the right amount of compassion for the characters and removes much of the judgement that many others would not be able to do. I would take issue with the 50 kilo-a-month stat because they only reached that level for 1 month, and they were not able to get rid of it all. A little exagerated, but what drug story is not? These guys were not big drug dealers by big drug dealer standards, but there personal story's ,as told by Saline ,are very interesting. Good work!!

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