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Reach for the Stars Without Losing Your Balance

Win Davis (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-1204-7 ©2002
Price: $19.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 193 pages
Category/Subject: SELF-HELP / Personal Growth / Success

Use your God-given gifts to reach for your star, pursue your passion and bear your fruit while enjoying family and friends, helping others, making space for personal and reflective time, and enjoying a life that has nutritious doses of balance!

My grandmother used to sing an old gospel hymn called It Is Well With my Soul. It was a time when being well—well in spirit, well in health, well with family and friends, well within—was more important than being well-to-do. Reach For The Stars Without Losing Your Balance assists your efforts to be fruitful in your personal and professional life—to use your God-given gifts to reach for your star, pursue your passion, bear your fruit—while enjoying family and friends, helping those in need, making space for personal and reflective time, and enjoying a life that has nutritious doses of balance!

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Customer Reviews

  A Review in Gratitude , 01/05/2009
Reviewer: Craig Mattice
A Review in Gratitude of “Reach for the Stars Without Losing Your Balance” by Win Davis WOW! I just finished reading this book. At first I wanted to determine who this book would best serve. The answer is everybody! My second objective was to find an excellent quote from the book that would be a great example of what the book is about and represents. I realized I would have to rewrite the book as it is ALL good and I am not able to narrow the subject down to a simple sound (word) bite. This is a new book, described by Win himself as “by pigeon holing it as self-help, psychological, spiritual, whatever, would be hypocritical.” This book is destined to become one of the great classics of this time. The message is applicable to anyone wishing to refocus their life, determine their true passions and what excites them about life, and especially “how to” accomplish all of this all in one well written book. “Reach for the Stars Without Losing Your Balance” is 190 pages in length, Win Davis’ style of writing is very easy and quick to read as you feel like he is sitting across the table from you sharing all of his life’s experiences and garnered knowledge as a result. The contents include a “Pre-Ramble,” seven chapters, and a “Post-Ramble.” I love the practical and simple to execute exercises that actually clarifies, crystallize, and focus you on your true goals, passions, and priorities in life with actual examples and easy to copy formatted tools. This is not a “here, just do what I say” book and you will be successful in all areas of your life. Win’s book shares with you the steps to progress through effectively establishing a purpose driven, visionary statement that you can live by on a daily basis. I found this analogy very revealing as the primary pretext of the entire book in a quote from Win’s daughter, Andrea, at age five. “Well, Daddy, before your seeds will grow, you have to take them out of the pack.” The “seeds” are referring to the many aspects of your life as you will learn in reading through the book. I could not help but feel very strongly the best people to benefit from reading this book would be all people in the midst of having to refocus their life in these changing times, entrepreneurs new and experienced, everyone in the network marketing, multilevel marketing, and direct sales industries, and all new people starting out in these areas. I plan on giving a copy of this great book to all of my new associates to establish a great foundation for their new life. Please bear with me as I write this profound but spot on quote from page 176 that hits home with me, being involved in the above industries and as an entrepreneur. We all strive for the “lifestyle.” “Lifestyle? Isn’t one of the reasons you’re reaching for your star is that you want to change your lifestyle as well as change your life? I’m not just talking about making money here. I’m talking about separating yourself from all the “wannabes” and “gonna-dos.” A satisfying lifestyle isn’t necessarily about living in the “right” neighborhood or driving an expensive car. It’s about driving yourself to be the best you can be and making a living and a life doing what you really enjoy.” With that, my friends, I leave you to take the journey, expand your horizons, learn from Win Davis’ experiences he so freely shares with you and above all else, “Reach for the Stars Without Losing Your Balance.”

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