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From Hitler to Pearl Harbor

Richard E. Cragg (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-1644-1 ©2003
Price: $11.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 138 pages

Was it piracy to sink German U-boats in peacetime? Were American ships in Tahiti for pleasure only? Eye opening answers are found in author Cragg’s adventures in the Pre-Pearl Harbor Navy.

Dick, enlisted in Naval Reserve, 1940, trained on Lake Michigan in the Wilmington, an antique gunboat. Promoted to Ensign, he was ordered to cruiser Brooklyn with adventures in California, Hawaii, Midway Island, Samoa, New Zealand, Tahiti, Cuba, Boston, and Iceland. Pre-WW II adventures involved Pearl Harbor, arming Midway Island, thwarted romance, meeting possible cannibals in New Zealand, and sinking German U-boats in the North Atlantic. Book closes with Dick ordered to Philippines from cipher machine school, Chicago.

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Customer Reviews

  Amazing stories , 01/07/2004
Reviewer: Jerry Wiley
America, it seems, was at war long before Pearl Harbor. Dick Cragg becomes a very important link to the pre-war innocence of many US servicemen and their reasons for joining the reserves. The opening chapter involving sinking U-boats tells of a true incident not often related because of political correctness. The chapters are well written recollections of a very important historical time period, just before WWII began. The short chapters are very easy to read and are humorous, interesting, and well-connected. Dick's life comes to view when reading this work. Everyone who reads becomes engrossed. The Midway and Hawaii chapters tell unique stories of America's pre-war navy, suggesting a preparation level that many historical accounts dismiss. This book is certainly worth reading for young and old alike.

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  Life st sea , 05/13/2004
Reviewer: Daniel Alarcon
For landlubbers who haven't experienced life at sea, Dick Cragg's "From Hitler to Pearl Harbor" depicts life in the U.S. Navy leading up to World War II. Maritime nomenclature such as "dogged down", "pollywogs" and "shell-backs" spice his recollections of training aboard the USS Wilmington, which saw action in the Spanish-American War, and his service on the light cruiser USS Brooklyn. The young officer competes in whaleboat races in pre-war Pearl Harbor, helps Marines fortify Midway Island, samples native life in Pago Pago and escapes a vast minefield in New Zealand. Richard currently is recalling his wartime exploits in a sequel that will be a welcomed addition to his first volume.

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