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Alicia 'Unworthy Life'

Jim Schrang (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-3032-0 ©2006
Price: $21.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 462 pages
Category/Subject: FICTION / Visionary & Metaphysical

Based on actual events and real people, ALICIA (Unworthy Life) is the self-empowering story of a teenage girl from Spanish Harlem who qualifies in today’s throw- away society as an ‘unworthy life.’

Based on actual events and real people, ALICIA (Unworthy Life) is the self-empowering story of a teenage girl from Spanish Harlem who qualifies in today’s throw- away society as an ‘unworthy life.’ After her brother kills his wife and stepson Alicia spirals into a world of drugs, and prostitution.

Disillusioned by the American dream of power and wealth she attempts to kill herself only to be saved by an older FDNY Paramedic, but not with medication. Alicia’s journey through lifetimes, dimensions, cultures and continents culminates with this ‘unworthy life’ saving millions. Her story, identifiable to many girls interweaves so well with past, current and future historical events it haunts the reader.

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Customer Reviews

  Amazing , 04/12/2006
Reviewer: Frank
Wow!!! This story is breath taking. Do you have anymore ?

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  Life , 05/11/2006
Reviewer: Joseph Krivoruk
Life... This is what this book talk about. Our lives, in today's world, our approaches to various situations and consequences that could result from it all...Vlad the Impaler and his new beloved Queen

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  Journey , 04/06/2009
Reviewer: Jeannie
Alicia Unworthy Life can best be described as both the story of a young woman traveling through lifetimes and dimensions to find her birth dream and a travelogue of that journey for the reader. The guide in both cases is Jim. The book starts with a 911 call that is like so many detailed in Jim Schrang's other 2 books Stress Free One Oh Zee and Street Saints of Compassion. The similarity ends there. With the exception of the story telling style (the whole range from "warm and fuzzy" all the way to brutal and graphic reality) Alicia is completely unlike the others. Paramedic Jim brought Alicia back from death. He called upon his Spirit Guides to help him pull her back from the death she wanted. Having gone from having a promising future to a life of drug addiction in a very short time she opted for death. The brother she loved had killed himself and she was to join him. Jim freed her from his grasp and that began her new journey. It wasn't a journey she embarked on willingly. Before she could discover her past lifetimes she had to accept and love the present one. Even after being literally tied to a tree to make her "become one with the challenge" she still could not accept Jim's love and desire to help her. He had to rescue her a second time. This time it was from herself. Once she accepted what Jim was giving her she returned to the beautiful intelligent young woman she was. She thrived knowing he was asking for nothing in return. They had been connected in a past lifetime and they both needed to travel back to it for closure. That journey was marked by violence - sexual, physical, and otherwise - but it was necessary violence. It was also marked by incredible discoveries by Alicia. Discoveries that remained with her for life. She slowly came to know who she was in the past and why she and Jim were together now. That recognition was preceded by one of the most beautiful and sensual scenes in the book. She was now free to accept her birth dream and to pursue it. Jim, along with his Spirit Guides and Melanie, continued to mentor Alicia. She feared losing him to physical death but when that happened she knew he'd never really leave her. As Melanie was always with him, he and Melanie were now with Alicia. Her birth dream now realized, Alicia goes on to fulfill it. My personal reaction to Alicia was the realization that I needed to begin my own journey. Maybe not to realize as dramatic a birth dream as Alicia's but certainly to find and accept a birth dream (and birth right) of love. I've always experienced love in my life but it's a deeper love and presence that the book directed me to set out to find. The journey begins as hers did with acceptance. I may not be literally tied to a tree but the image has to be there. Once I can accept and embrace my reality I can set out on that journey. Jim's (not always) gentle guidance of Alicia made me realize where my thoughts and actions must begin and end - in the heart. Jim's spiritual relationship with Alicia and Melanie's eternal presence within and to Jim made me want to experience the same. To have my "soul mate" (in every sense of that phrase) as present to me as Melanie is to Jim is the goal of my journey. Since I can't sit in "Jim's" kitchen and drink green tea or eat peppermint chocolate chip ice cream as "Alicia" did I have to do the next best thing. That is to take their example and use it to achieve my goal as Alicia did. "Jim" and "Alicia" are characters in a book. Jim and Alicia are the teachers and guides for a journey. This is a book that needs to be read more than once to capture all its messages. It can be read on multiple levels, but is best appreciated when its message of love and acceptance is kept in the foreground. Every time the song "Green Eyed Lady" by Sugarloaf is heard Alicia will come to mind. She will remain in the heart and mind forever.

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