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I Did Not Know

Brian Irons (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-4207-8 ©2007
Price: $18.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 405 pages
Category/Subject: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / General

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In the USA, I had strong passion and desire to become a professional sport athlete. For years, I’ve dreamed of becoming one. As I became older in life, the game of basketball was the sport I wanted to play professionally. However, drug usage became a daily motivation. From my personal usage with drugs, the addiction kick in, and I became controlled by them. One day, while I was getting high, my heart stopped beating for 11 minutes. Then I went into a coma and stayed in it for ten days. Drugs caused me to suffer a traumatic brain injury. Guess what? God prophesied this event before it ever happened.

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Customer Reviews

  A Miracle , 08/22/2007
Reviewer: Beejay
I know this young man personally, but I have not yet read his book. I know for a fact that it is a miracle that he is alive. He went through an experience but God brought him through. He learned a valuable lesson and if you read the book I'm sure you will feel blessed by his story. I'm planning to buy the book. God bless you Brian

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  Very Good Read , 09/20/2007
Reviewer: EARL
I have read this book, and I find it to be a GREAT READ!!! I give you a look at how God Can take something bad and turn it around for His glory and touch lives. I strongly recommend this book.

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