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Freedom Through Vigilance: Vol. 2: USAFSS Ground Sites in Europe, Libya, Turkey, and Pakistan

Larry Tart (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-6115-3 ©2010
Price: $24.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 546 pages
Category/Subject: HISTORY / General

Volume II covers the history of USAFSS units in Germany, Austria, the UK, Italy, Greece, Libya, Turkey and Pakistan.

Freedom Through Vigilance is the heretofore untold in-depth history of Air Force Security Service—the smallest, most hush-hush command in the Air Force (1948-1979). The book is dedicated to the tens of thousands of USAFSS silent warriors, who worked in anonymity around-the-clock at some 100 mostly isolated overseas outposts, exploiting targeted military communications during the Cold War. Consisting of 1,600+ pages (three volumes), Freedom Through Vigilance includes hundreds of first hand accounts from all ranks (generals to airmen) involved in creating USAFSS history. Males and females—intercept operators, linguists, cryptologists, analysts, communicators, clerks, maintenance technicians and commanders—describe their personal involvement.

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Customer Reviews

  Freedom Through Vigilance, Volume 2 , 11/02/2010
Reviewer: Burton R. Knotts
Volume 2 of Freedom Through Vigilance is an excellent supplement to Volume 1. The author describes the 53 locations of USAFSS installations in Europe, Libya, Turkey and Pakistan in detail and included many photos of these sites. Other photos of fellow silent warriors are inluded throughout the book to supplement the many interviews and personal contacts he had with those who served at these locations. The book begins with the earliest years of the USAFSS and proceeds to the latest years for the many installations described. Humorous and serious memories of the author and fellow "silent warriors" are mixed with historical data to make the reader unable to lay this book aside.

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