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Beyond Hypnosis

Dr. G. Russell Dey (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-6276-1 ©2010
Price: $11.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 129 pages
Category/Subject: MEDICAL / Allied Health Services / Hypnotherapy

We exist in a universe in which everything is alive and responsive to our thoughts. It creates according to its own imagination and to focused impressions formed in individual minds.

Beyond Hypnosis explores the seemingly magical ability that exists within all humans and enables anyone to manage their own destiny. We can be captains of our own fate, by simply applying a natural universal law that appropriates the power of the Creative Mind for use in our everyday lives. This informative book reveals the one essential detail that makes it all work, and explains exactly how to use it to bring health, happiness, prosperity and fulfillment into your life. You are not at the mercy of fate. You have the ability to fashion your own future.

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Customer Reviews

  Makes Many Valid Points---Others Arguable , 11/13/2012
Reviewer: Gary Innes
The author, Dr. Dey, is an experienced hypnotherapist. In the first chapters of this work he makes the case for the use of hypnosis as a form of medical treatment, employed by trained, responsible practitioners seeking to heal troubled patients. He emphasizes that the comic antics of nightclub "wizards" shoudn't be confused with a serious course of hypnotic sessions. Of course, one of the basic methods that hypnotist's employ is the placing of suggestions in the trance subject's mind; suggestions that, hopefully, are intended to improve some aspect of the subject's life or remedy their problems. But the major part of the book moves beyond life changes brought about by an "outsider", and examines the practice and benefit of suggestions that a person may infuse into their OWN mind. Dr. Dey states that a person's view of themselves---and their view of the world---can bring about emotional and physical changes in their own body: a positive outlook can improve health, and negative thoughts can degrade it. This reader doubts that any intelligent person anywhere in the world would question this proposition. We've all seen examples of it in our own lives, and in others. Of course, this is retracing some familiar ground. It is very close to what has long been called "The Power Of Positive Thinking." The author mentions this philosophy, and agrees that it's correct as far as it goes, but sometimes more is needed to achieve desired goals; the needed element is mental "visualization and focus." These "goals" go further than one's personal health. In later pages Dr. Dey flatly states that positive thoughts and visualization can affect events and outcomes outside ourselves. He writes: "My personal belief (is) that we, as created beings, have the ability to draw on the Creative Mind of Universal Intelligence to bring about change in the physical world, through our subconscious minds. The fact that there is a Universal Creative Intelligence that is available to human beings for transcendental assistance is blatantly obvious to those who study the human condition." At this point, this reader must part ways a bit with the author. Being a born skeptic, the existence of a "Universal Mind" that can aid in affecting external events, is not QUITE so obvious to me. I have doubts about receiving any transcendental assistance (no matter HOW intently I visualize), in being hired for that executive position, winning the lottery, or landing a date with a Playboy Bunny. I also feel that Dr. Dey does his own arguments a disservice by making favorable reference to questionable characters like the "Hillbilly Svengali", Edgar Cayce. But of course, occasionally in life, wishes and dreams DO become reality for some people. Regardless of how you think these outcomes materialize, I'm confident that readers will be entertained and informed by taking the time to peruse this volume. Gary in Arizona

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  , 10/29/2014
Reviewer: Gladis Dill
Very interesting read. I would like to know more about this subject.

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