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Aymar Arux Akhamawa

Miguel Huanca (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-6664-3 ©2011
Price: $63.95
Book Size: 8.5" x 11" , 264 pages
Category/Subject: FOREIGN LANGUAGE STUDY / Native American Languages

Aymara Language Is Like This is based upon the Aymara spoken in La Paz, similar to the Aymara spoken in Punu, Perú. Students in some areas will find that the vocabulary requires alteration and that certain suffixes must be spelled differently in order to conform to their particular district. The textbook includes a CD of audio-recorded dialogues and exercises found in the textbook.

Aymar Arux Akhamawa (Aymara Language Is Like This) is the first trilingual (Aymara/Spanish/ English) textbook available for the Aymara language. Aymara is an indigenous language spoken by approximately three million people across Bolivia, Perú, Chile, and parts of Argentina. This textbook presents students with an introduction to the sounds of Aymara, basic sentences, vocabulary, and grammar. The book - appropriate for master, doctoral, and advance undergraduate students - is organized by cultural themes, in which students practice Aymara pronunciation, grammar, structure drills, narratives and useful expressions through dialogues, supplements and reading. These skills are matters of habit, acquired only through extensive practice.

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