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Aileen M. Buckley
Aptos, California

In the first twenty-five years of their fifty-two years of marriage, Aileen Buckley and her husband, Quinn, had five children and five highly successful KFC franchises in Chicago. They lived well; traveled Europe, vacationed Palm Springs, and sold the companies at a profit. In the mid ‘70s, life changed, their investments plummeted. They lost it all. Moving to California, they eventually returned to Palm Springs, to start again from scratch. Pooling their talents, they opened Presidential Limousine with the desire to be the best. At first, Quinn did most of the driving, Aileen ran the office. Later, they shared these jobs when Aileen started private tours. Over the next sixteen years their company became legendary. They retired in December 2003.

Selected works by this author:
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From The Driver's Seat
“My God, I don’t believe it…they’re naked as jaybirds!” Through the driver’s eyes, Ms. Buckley provides humorous, untold stories, giving the reader a peek into the unguarded moments of the wealthy. read more
by Aileen M. Buckley ~ 0-7414-3366-4 ©2006
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