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William R. Longman E.A.
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Quartz Hill, California

During the long recovery and struggle to regain my sight, it occurred to me the Military had no use for me and only wanted me to go away. They accused me of anything and everything. They kept me on Morphine way too long, the hospital was just storage place for me until they could get rid of me.
I go the impression that I was no longer needed and that big government could care less if I lived or died. Big government became my enemy for its wasteful practices and no regard for life. I became obsessed with the notion that the bigger government got, the less they cared about the people.

Selected works by this author:
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The Dragon Among Us
A career of fighting the IRS, how to get results you are entitled to. Earth shattering results just knowing the right laws and how to defend yourself. read more
by William R. Longman E.A. ~ 0-7414-8165-0 ©2013
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