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Looking for a Better World: What Every Person Can Do!

Stuart J. Malkin, Ph.D. (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-2134-8 ©2004
Price: $10.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 84 pages
Category/Subject: SELF-HELP / Spiritual

This book is a dynamic way for individuals to improve their lives through understanding the impact of their own Right Actions in a troubled world.

“Looking For a Better World” reveals many ways in which individuals can achieve contentment and peace on a local level. Religious differences are the reasons for global unrest and there is an overview of historical religious conflict. “Camera angles” are provided, focusing on considerations such as ethics, leadership and trust. Economic competition and the territorial imperative are dismissed as causal culprits, being dwarfed by the power of religious extremists Meditation and Prayer are offered as individual comfort zones and there is an absorbing chapter on “Spiritual Alchemy.”

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Customer Reviews

  A Better World , 07/30/2004
Reviewer: Ginger Powers
This is an absorbing little book. Very well written, it brings into focus the realistic relevance of our daily lives to global unrest. The chapters on Trust and Leadership are excellent, and the lessons very motivating. And I loved the piece on "Spiritual Alchemy." The book is, at the same time, both practical and spiritual. A wonderful book for the whole family.

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  Great Book! , 07/31/2004
Reviewer: Francis Johanson
This book nicely summarizes conditions in the world today. More importantly, it provides MANY ideas as to how we as individuals can REALLY make this a better world. I particularly liked the chapter on leadership. In found comfort in this book.

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  Inspiring & Different , 08/03/2004
Reviewer: Barbara Symington
Clever book. The author has blended some inspiring spiritual thinking with a view of daily responsibilities and encouraging respect for others. Right action is the theme and it is unveiled in many ways. I don't know why he included Ceremonies,but it didn't hurt. Easy to read. Nice!

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  A Wonderful Book for any Library , 08/20/2004
Reviewer: Vera L Palmer
I found "Looking for a Better World" to be an inspiring piece of literature that would be a great addition to every spiritual library. The chapter on ceremonies is a wonderful guide to anyone wanting something fresh and fulfilling for the necessary rites in life. I also appreciated the resources listed in the end of the book for further studies. It is refreshing to see a gentler approach to religion just when the world needs it so much.

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  What every person must do , 09/13/2004
Reviewer: Kenneth Vickery
One can study and intellectualize about life all they want, and this book reminds us that real spiritual growth and true change in the world can only be achieved through the every day application of Positive Thought and Right Action. It expounds on that which every woman and man may do, regardless of station in life, to assist in the creation of a more enriched world and fulfilling future for all. Thank you, Stuart. Peace Profound to all!

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  Horrors Around The World , 09/22/2004
Reviewer: Francine Seymour
This is a really neat book. The author has covered a lot of bases with some very good ideas. I like the idea that we cannot do much as individuals about the horrors around the world, but we surely can do things that make this a better place. It is a comforting book to read and a reminder that we all can do good things.

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  Good Feeling , 09/28/2004
Reviewer: Margarita Faulkenhagen
This book needs to be read! It gives us the "good feeling" that we need so much these days. While the book is not religious, it is very spiritual. And it is a practical approach to the boring and sometimes stressful days that we all have. Tank the "Ceremonies" chapter and I would have given the work five stars!

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