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Losing Your Head Without Losing Your Mind!

Charles Lyons, Ph.D. (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-2534-3 ©2005
Price: $11.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 133 pages
Category/Subject: RELIGION / Christianity / Baptists

The huge crowds were leaving the city converging to one spot. They came hungering for answers desperate for release from the hurt of daily living. One man had the answer.

Losing Your Head Without Losing Your Mind brings attention to perhaps the most neglected figure in Scripture. More than just an overview of one man’s life, the book snatches away great moments of his character and makes practical applications for the reader. Initially the reader is tempted to see John, the main character of the book, as a man from another time in history. Yet quickly we begin to discover that he faced challenges and decisions that you and I confront in the 21st century. With uncommon wisdom and valor we find here examples and lessons we can apply today.

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Customer Reviews

  Simple, concise and thought provoking! , 06/20/2005
Reviewer: Kathryn
I read and was so touched by Dr Lyons’ first book that I naturally had to read this one. His first book on Daniel from the Old Testament changed my life. What a wonderful and practical blessing! The Bible verses and practical applications in both books are the best part. What he says in, Losing Your Head, Without Losing Your Mind, about our choices having eternal difference is right on target and a lesson others should hear. The book is simple, concise and thought provoking. I can hardly wait for another book by Dr Lyons!

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  A genuine blessing , 06/22/2005
Reviewer: Willma Stewart
Due to health conditions I have not been able to get out as often as I once did. But I have been a leader in my church and community for many years. This book is such a blessing. When my daughter shared it with me I cannot tell you how wonderful and exciting it has been to both of us. The insight and wisdom has touched me and I am truly thankful for a man of character who is blessed by God with this gift of writing and the ability to make it so easy to understand.

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  fantastic life guide with revival spirit! , 10/12/2007
Reviewer: Daniel J. Grasse, BSc., LLB.
I have never personally met nor interacted with John the Baptist, but Dr. charles Lyons brought him to my door and into my home; the man who Christ called "the greatest" is now my friend, mentor and an inspiration. I have ventured into the world of John the Baptist to experience his dreams, ambitions, tenacity, loyalty, credibility and most importantly his zeal to see the things of the Lord move forward under the most adverse conditions imaginable. It is true, beyond any doubt, that over the past centuries of the Christian Church, focus on the life and times of John the Baptist has been lacking. I am not suggesting some wilful intent on the part of Christian writers and ministers of the Gospel, just simple lack of concentration. Dr. Lyons has arrested this void and pulled back the canopy of darkness for all of us; that is why I enjoyed this book and hence you need to examine this vivid account to enrich, edify and enhance your walk with Christ. John the Baptist was not some indifferent, mediocre, apathetic individual who fled the scene when the situation became rough. The Baptist displayed a tenacious and uncompromising adherence to the Gospel and in this writing when we look at exactly how he accomplished such a ardent task, then we learn so much about life and what credibility is all about. The book is not about Bible thumping, but Dr. Lyons gives numerous examples from the life of John the Baptist about how we can, upon reasonable application in our own lives, move on with a faith built on integrity and action. This account demonstrates the best plan I have ever seen in a lifetime for sound, meaningful, enjoyable Christian living. The book gives 21 powerful applications to achieve positive results in all aspects of our lives. Application 15 is just one that has inflicted a lasting impression on my mind and has strengthened my resolve to stand for the truth, no matter what the cost; "real safety demands taking chances and sometimes being uncomfortable --- You will be called upon every day of your life to make seemingly small choices. Choices combined over time will ultimately make the difference between a shallow life that will not be remembered and a life of character that cannot be forgotten." Critics have often lashed out at the apparent inconsistency found in Matthew, chapter 11, where John the Baptist, while in prison, presents a question "are you the Christ?" The theme of this controversy is centered on John announcing Jesus as the Messiah and then, says the pessimist, just a short time later wondering if Jesus was the Christ. Dr. Lyons presents a beautiful, complete explanation that lifted my spirits. You can deploy this superb spiritual reasoning in your own ministry. I am not going to tell you what the explanation is, you need to buy the book and read it for yourself. Dr. Lyons has written a book that any adult can understand with ease. The writing style and language are not laden with heavy academic, esoteric or cryptic utterances. Do no let that dissuade you from the potent nature of the book's theme and lessons. This book is not only a delight to read, but the content will inspire you to a greater height in all aspects of your everyday life and your journey with Christ as you come to know, in a profound, personal way, the person who immersed ou Lord and Savior in the waters of salvation. John the Baptist was there, he heard the Lord say, not by hearsay, but by direct evidence, "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased."

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  Don Carmichael, Author , 11/02/2007
Reviewer: Don Carmichael
Dr. Lyons masterfully takes the birth, life, and death of John the Baptist, forerunner of Jesus Christ and portrays a true example of discipleship with practical applications. Once we have our head on straight, all other adjustments decisions fall in line, regardless of life-storm.

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