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Life More Abundant The Science of Zhineng Qigong Principles and Practice

Xiaoguang Jin and Joseph Marcello (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-0073-1 ©1999
Price: $36.95
Book Size: 8.5" x 11" , 393 pages

A landmark work in the science of life-energies, Life More Abundant: The Science of Zhineng Qigong is the only existent translation and exposition of the writings, teachings and practices of Professor Ming Pang, the founder of Zhineng Qigong- known in the West as ChiLelTM Qigong. Certified China's pre-eminent energy-healing approach after a nineteen-year government survey, Zhineng Qigong- the cultivation of intelligent energy - has demonstrated an incredible 95% healing effectiveness rate on over 450 serious and terminal disease conditions, with ten million practitioners worldwide. Four rare volumes in one, this is a scientific, revolutionary and indispensable source-work.

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