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The Alcohol Fuel Handbook

Lynn Ellen Dokon (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-0646-2 ©2001
Price: $19.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 127 pages
Category/Subject: TECHNOLOGY / Power Resources

Do you want to escape rising gasoline prices? You can make your own fuel and here is how. The Alcohol Fuel handbook, first published in 1980, presents knowledge gained through the extensive practical experience of the author and her then partner, Robert Brautigam, in the production of ethanol for fuel. Now updated and revised, the book is increasingly relevant as gasoline prices rise. Learn to produce fuel alcohol, use the byproducts, modify engines to run on ethanol and deal with government regulations. The appendix even includes plans for building your own Remote Post Column.

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Customer Reviews

  missing parts innacuracies , 11/14/2006
Reviewer: anonymouse
I read a library copy and found that the detail page for the trap section of the remote post still described is omitted. Also found a few other issues such as the promotion of nonvented burning of alcohol in habitable space. It in my opinion is no safer than non vented burning of propane or natural gas based on possible by products of combustion. The big risk is oxygen deprivation in any novented combustion which all produces the same toxin, carbon monoxide, a deadly odorless gas. This book however may be of some value to anyone intrested in fuel alcohol and its production from farm products. It seems to me it is more of a hastily thrown together starting point and could use further research and more accurate details.

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