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The Furrtails

Shandi Finnessey (Miss USA 2004!) (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-1197-0 ©2002
Price: $12.95
Book Size: 8" x 8" , 45 pages
Category/Subject: EDUCATION / Elementary

The Furrtails, a family of rabbits, live in their burrow next to Mr. Villman’s farm. Sammy, is not as quick and smart as his younger brother, and soon finds himself stuck in a cage, unable to get out. Each rabbit must use his or her “special” gifts to help free Sammy from the trap.

This story is intended to teach children that each of us have things that we are really good at and things that we may need help with. One is not better than another, only different. This is what makes us all special and unique.

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Customer Reviews

  She's so hot , 03/29/2004
Reviewer: Caban Joe
Shandi is such a great person! Good luck in April, Shandi, and all the peeps at Cabana West in St Chas wish you would come by and chill at the pool!

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  Wow! , 04/15/2004
Reviewer: Mike Sweeney
I have yet to read this book, however, I just remembered today that I met Shandi a few years back. It was at a barbecue at the house of my mother's former college professor, (Shandi's professor at the time). She was hitting on me, not knowing I was only 16 and a high school sophomore at the time. When she found out my age, she was like, "You're how old?!". I'm sure the book is great, and now I can tell my friends that Miss USA was flirting with me one time.

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  Great Book! , 06/27/2004
Reviewer: Gerald Sammich
Much better than Peter Rabbit. Good luck with it, Shandi!

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  Yeeeaaahhhh! , 06/01/2005
Reviewer: Megan
I'm glad someone finally put to paper a story about me and my friends. I like to think of us as rabbits also. (Ha Ha) Fab-u-lous Author! Shandi Rocks the House.

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  Illustrations , 06/01/2005
Reviewer: Joseph J. Heed
Cathi A. Wong's illustrations are outstanding.

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  The Furrtails , 06/09/2005
Reviewer: aman mehta
Great book for people with inferiority complex(especially aged13-16).About the author -a great person not only in looks ,but at heart as well-she has been very kind hearted to respond me back via email despite of a busy & hectic shedule.

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  The Furrtails by Shandi Finnessey , 07/04/2005
Reviewer: Richard Jacobs
It's a great book.

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  cool , 03/17/2007
Reviewer: unkown
good book go miss usa

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