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Today, Jesus Said…Let me Introduce Myself

Bonita M. Quesinberry (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-1240-3 ©2002
Price: $16.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 163 pages
Category/Subject: RELIGION / Bible / Prophecies

God's Word reveals graphic descriptions of earth's end days: horrifying natural elements, man anti-man, sinful acts against Ishi by Jew and Gentile. Christ's story lends vivid detail of His return—how the day and hour will look, what occurs in the wake of His sweep across our skies.

Many readers claim it's too graphic for comfort, yet the settings are God's Bible giving such detail so sinners in fear might become obedient before too late. The difference herein is the use of words easy to understand yet identical by definition, all combined in a common structure.

To reap God's Doctrine, one must forget everything taught from corporation Christendom's pulpits and schools. Christ cites that instruction and explains why. Let go, read this book, then compare it to scripture references provided.

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Customer Reviews

  Hear Jesus tell His Story! , 10/09/2003
Reviewer: Robin Bayne, Author/Reviewer
"Today, Jesus Said" by Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C. — Review by Robin Bayne, Maryland, author of "Cougar Lake" and "Honor Bound" 24 December 2002: submitted to Buzzle eZine, Word Thunder, Authors Den, Christian e-Authors, Waltsan Publishing ~~ Rating: 5-stars Have you ever wished you could meet Jesus face-to-face and hear his story directly from Him? Well, this book is probably as close as you will get to that in this world. Ms. Quesinberry, using the first person narrative voice, speaks to the reader as Jesus might. Starting with the creation of the world, Jesus paraphrases books of the Bible in a contemporary, easy to follow manner. He details his birth, life and death, and how it all ties together with God's plan for Earth from beginning to end. From Genesis through Revelation within 135 pages with all scripture references provided. Ms. Quesinberry urges readers to "forget everything taught from corporate Christendom's pulpits and schools," and explains why with scripture. Rather, she urges people to go to their own Bibles. This book is very well-written and encouraging, and would make a great companion for Bible study. I highly recommend it.

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  Read and Learn! , 10/09/2003
Reviewer: Kristi Karnopp, reader
Kristi Karnopp, Wisconsin reader, 03/07/03: I read and really learned from "Today, Jesus Said" and then gave it to my pastor for his opinion. He later said, "Well…the world isn't going to like it. But! It's all scripture and ALL truth. I could find nothing wrong with it."

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  It is IN YOUR FACE! , 10/09/2003
Reviewer: Josephine DeHarrold, reader
Josephine DeHarrold, Washington reader, 01-07-03, "Today, Jesus Said" is THERE! I mean, right-in-your-face THERE and all of it scripture like we talk today. It's so hard-hitting that I can read only one chapter at a time. This book is fantastic!

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  FABULOUS! , 10/09/2003
Reviewer: Bertha Cole, reader
Bertie Cole, California reader, 01/21/03, "Today, Jesus Said" is fabulous! I can see where it must have taken years of study and research to complete. I hope that it is doing well.

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  Void of author opinion. , 10/09/2003
Reviewer: Sharon Blanchard, reader
Sharon Blanchard, Washington reader, 01/24/03, I love books and avidly read 5 or more each week; but, when it comes to the volume of Christian books available, they ALL are filled with the authors' opinions regarding the Bible, God and Christ. I'm sick of that! So, it was a welcome surprise to find "Today, Jesus Said" refreshingly void of so much as one writer opinion. It is well written in easy to comprehend language, constantly moving, straight to the point, and all paraphrased scripture with verse references supplied so we readers can compare it to our own Bible. Finally! Someone understands what Jesus meant when He condemned flattering lips spewing smooth words full of man's doctrine and traditions. If this book doesn't fly off the shelves, then the world truly does NOT want to know God's opinion.

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