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Sex, Violence, Politics, and God: How They Rule Our Lives

Edward G. Long, MD (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-1292-6 ©2002
Price: $16.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 268 pages
Category/Subject: SOCIAL SCIENCE / General

Learn how the wealthy rip us off, how religion steals our souls, how television rots our minds, how street crime protects our politicians, and how it all relates to sex!

The author’s previous book, Chimpanzees Don’t Wear Pants, explained the evolutionary origins of the basic needs and pleasures that motivate human behavior. This volume describes why those needs and pleasures are so often frustrated.

Most importantly, it shows how an understanding of our emotional needs enables ambitious individuals to manipulate our beliefs, our wishes, and our very lives.

It elucidates the inevitability of corrupt and incompetent governments, and why we put up with them.

Indeed, it will clarify why we put up with anything, and why so many of our ‘solutions’ immediately lead to new problems that are even worse.

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Customer Reviews

  Courage and Conviction , 10/24/2003
Reviewer: Khalil Hatoum
Wednesday January 22, 2003 - 03:19PM Location: Cape Cod, MA Comments: In expressing his views on Sex, Violence, Politics, and God (especially politics and God) Dr. Long shows extreme courage, integrity, and scientific conviction in the face of the present American atmosphere of xenophobia, manifest nationalism, and worldwide religious fanaticism -- be it among monotheistic or polytheistic religions of the Earth. I just spent a couple of months in the Levant last Summer, after my existential reconciliation with my native battered Lebanon, and could not help buy cry as I surveyed the land and its people and reflected on its five thousand years of human history. How did we create God, a Heavenly Paradise and a Raging Hell, and how did we choose to live in the Raging Hell? In this, his second book, Dr. Long deals lovingly with the daily frustrations of our physical and emotional needs and pleasures, our conflicting beliefs and selfish wishes, and how to triumph over them with Love! A profound, witty, and intellectually challenging experience, to warm up the cold of Winter. Khalil Hatoum.

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  Truth and Consequences , 10/24/2003
Reviewer: Elaine Hill
Date: Wednesday January 22, 2003 - 03:44PM Name: Elaine Hill Comments: After absorbing Dr. Long's clearly revealed "truths," I find myself daily making sarcastic remarks. Our current government provides such rich material--the economic adviser switches, War on Terrorism, War on Iraq and much more. History provides much material about manipulators and morality. Our need to support our Tribe in this time of crises certainly helps me understand how our population can elect such a transparently greedy government. How long can 9/ll justify the reshaping of our political system? I hope Jimmy Carter’s election to the Nobel Peace Prize will help remind us that diplomacy is an alternative to bombs and missiles. Oh well, now I know that "solutions immediately lead to new problems that are even worse." Because of my fundamentalist Christian background, I particularly enjoyed the history of the Judeo-Christian fairy tales according to Ed Long. His choice of quotations and irreverent, humorous writing style make interesting reading. By the time he deals with self esteem and the religion of science, there is no room for arrogance for any of us humans. Ed, your writing helps me take the bits and pieces of information and biases in my head and organize my thoughts. By now, I do not know what I believed before reading your material. Your ideas fit so comfortably with my view of the world. "Life as we know it is not unfair; it is a lunatic asylum." But, my long-time lover and loving friends give me great pleasure. Well done, my friend,

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