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The Writing World, Living the Literary Life

Delma Luben (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-1326-4 ©2002
Price: $13.95
Category/Subject: SELF-HELP / Personal Growth / Success

An eclectic collection of valuable information (based on published articles, columns, classes, seminar presentations, and thirty years’ experience), The Writing World reveals the reality of a literary life. Full of insights and practical philosophy for attaining success in the writing business, it answers questions that aspiring authors often don’t think to ask. Every diverse chapter is of vital interest to the writer. This book, written to help prevent some of the angst and agony that writers inevitably suffer--on the seesaw of hope and rejection--is less about how to write, more about how to survive until you succeed.

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Customer Reviews

  The Writing World , 02/10/2004
Reviewer: Paula C. Rinehart
A small book with a big message! The writing style is clear, crisp and to the point, and generously sprinkled with quotations and poetry. Three groups of people may well belive it was written especially for them: experienced writers, novice and aspiring writers, and family and friends of writers. This book is unique. Not a wasted word, and each word worth it's weight in insight.

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  The Writing World , 03/05/2004
Reviewer: Sam Turner
I am recommending that my writing students purchase this book for their library. It is chock full of information for attaining success in the writing business. I have it next to Stephen King's. Ray Bradbury's and Tony Hillerman's books on writing. Their books are in good company!

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  The Writing World , 03/22/2004
Reviewer: Diana Ruben
I've been writing and publishing for twenty five years and I learned things from this book. It has great tips on copyright, censorship, contests, the reviewing process. invaluable information for those just starting in the business as well as seasoned writers. I highly recommend it for ayone interested in writing and publishing.

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  The Writing World , 03/22/2004
Reviewer: Connie Kazal
This book is a mother lode of help, ideas, how to's,facts, insights--vital information for any writer, family member, or teacher of writing. I've highlighted so many lines the whole book, every page, is now brightly colored. A keeper book--a true ganga for the price.

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