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The Gardens Within Our Hearts

Jo Ann Gallodoro "Poopa" (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-1406-6 ©2003
Price: $24.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 365 pages
Category/Subject: FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Love & Romance

Cover Artist:June Somerford Williamson.

TRUE STORY! BOOK INCLUDES 37 PHOTOGRAPHS !!! While committed to their individual families, Robert and Jo-Ann meet and enjoy a humorous, platonic friendship. After losing track of each other for ten years, they meet again. Shattering upheavals find Robert alone and devastated. Aided by her family, Jo-Ann lifts Robert from his dark abyss, and an unconditional love is born uniting their souls. Spoiling Jo-Ann beyond redemption, Robert nicknames her Poopa,and is now faced with an adoring brat and her continual, zany antics! Fearful of their bliss ending, they beseech the Gods with a profound wish, and experience a spellbinding encounter.

Years later, Robert battles a grave illness agonizing over Poopa surviving without him. Emerging from the ashes of Roberts past, an Antagonist strikes out while he lies helpless in a hospital bed. Will Poopa prevail?

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Customer Reviews

  Gardens Within Our Hearts , 12/14/2003
Reviewer: Maggy
Simply amazing how two people shared such a truly deep, loving, and fascinating bond. The "antagonists" of this world truly come from the dark side of life with evil always surrounding them. Those who follow in "His" footsteps will always prevail and never be truly touched by their flagitious behavior!!! Good reading...

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