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The Complete Guide to Television and Movie Drinking

Toby Ogle (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-1697-2 ©2003
Price: $14.95
Book Size: 8.5" x 11" , 112 pages
Category/Subject: GAMES / General

If you are NOT watching TV with The Complete Guide to Television and Movie Drinking, then you are not watching TV efficiently. Pick up your guide today and don’t party without it. A good time is guaranteed for all.

Toby Ogle’s new book, The Complete Guide to Television and Movie Drinking is a revelation in drinking games. Everyone loves to play different TV and movie drinking games, but until now there has been no resource to find these games. This is the most comprehensive guide there is, as it includes over 230 television and movie drinking games. Toby guarantees a good time with this book; the only draw back is that you must provide your own drinks to play.

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Customer Reviews

  Amazing , 12/01/2003
Reviewer: dan farkas
This book is one of the funniest and most entertaining books I have read in a while. It's a funny read even if you aren't inebriated.

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  Rocking , 12/01/2003
Reviewer: Steve Ross
This book rocked my world. Toby Ogle is a genius who has added a new spice to an old habit of mine. THANKS TOBY!

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  Drink Up , 12/04/2003
Reviewer: WRKR Rocker Morning Show
Finally a book to help us drink! Not that we needed it, but this is now the Official Book of TV and Movie drinking games. From Cops to Caddyshack, Toby has 'em all! Well done.

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  AWESOME! , 12/19/2003
Reviewer: Jenn Zerbe
This book has made those nights in front of the tv enjoyable. Thanks Toby, for bringing some excitement to Kalamazoo!

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  Hangover City!!! , 12/19/2003
Reviewer: Brian Armstrong
This is the best guide for drinking games. Watching tv or movies will never be the same. !!!Warning!! Do not try this game during "That 70s Show" marathon. You'll never walk straight again!!!!!

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  GREAT FUN , 12/19/2003
Reviewer: Chris Davis
It's nice to see a book that reminds you to not take life to seriously. Toby has done a great job making these games entertaining and easy to follow. I recommend it to anyone that enjoys kicking back and having a few beers. However, I do NOT recommend you follow the rules to the letter. Not everyone comes out of alcohol induced comas. Nice job Toby.

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