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Devil's Triangle: A Guide to "Drownproofing" Divers

Kevin L. Erskine (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-1707-3 ©2003
Price: $12.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 102 pages
Category/Subject: SPORTS & RECREATION / Scuba & Snorkeling

Dive Team Coordinators have the responsibility of organizing monthly training for dive rescue teams. This is a challenging task because they are required to design training sessions that are not only beneficial to the team members for “real life” scenarios, but they must make the training interesting and fun. If they are not, it is difficult to get divers to attend and, more importantly, to learn.

I am an avid wearer of my bulletproof vest during routine patrol. I have often said, “if a vest isn’t comfortable to wear, no matter how much firepower it can withstand, officers will not wear it.” You have to make it so they want it. The same holds true for diver training. This book will aid trainers in making the training fun, interesting and beneficial. Use this tool to get them to “wear their vests.” the vests of protection so they can go home when the job is done.

This book was designed for public safety dive teams in particular, but should also be useful for all interested in training better, more confident divers.

This book is chock full of training ideas to improve a diver’s performance, confidence and skill so he is prepared when things go bad.

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