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Once Around On a Bicycle

Michael Clancy (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-1769-3 ©2003
Price: $16.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 316 pages
Category/Subject: TRAVEL / Special Interest / Adventure

Travel with Michael Clancy as he bicycles 14,000 miles over mountain ranges, across deserts, and on superhighways around the world. Experience gunplay in the Middle East, food poisoning in India, and kidney stones in French Polynesia. You’ll enjoy the ride.

In January 1985, Michael Clancy bought a touring bicycle from a small bike shop in New Brunswick, New Jersey. For the next sixteen years he spent his vacations riding that bike through North America and Europe. At the end of every one of those vacations he dreamt of a day when he could continue riding, farther and farther, on the ultimate bicycle trip. He dreamt of bicycling around the world. On April 5th, 2001 his dream became reality as he pedaled that bicycle out of Lisbon Airport, beginning a fifteen-month, 14,000-mile ride through nineteen countries on five continents. This is Michael’s journal of that extraordinary adventure.

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Customer Reviews

  Once around by book...... , 12/17/2003
Reviewer: Frank Havnoonian
Good cycling book about good times and (some) bad times. Well worth the ride and the read !

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  Hard to Get Through , 11/08/2005
Reviewer: C.T.
Before this book arrived I couldn't wait to get it, as 'bicycle trips around the world' are usually exciting. It's plain to see that Mr. Clancy has writing talent, however his major mistake was to write/publish this book as 'a journal', with just a page-or-so entry for each day. This DOES NOT make for exciting reading. Because of his journal style I am forcing myself to get through this book[now on page 199], which is a real shame because he went through great efforts all along his journey. As a reader, I'm looking for more passion from the writer, so I can truly feel his pain and joy. Over the years of reading this type of book, 2 books stand out far above the others, they are: MILES FROM NOWHERE, by Barbara Savage* *[ Because I work in a hotel, I've had the chance to talk with countless people over the years[about books] and I've suggested MILES FROM NOWHERE to over 90 people! If you decide to read Barbara's story/ sure you DON'T READ THE BACK COVER OR THE INTRODUCTION before YOU READ THE BOOK, as the publisher has totally spoiled the story by giving too much info! Oh yea, Barbara and her husband Larry rode their bicycles around the world, about 23,000 miles! I'll make a bet with you, you'll be telling others to read this book.] FULL TILT, by Dervla Murphy is also fantastic! In the 60's she rode her bicycle alone from Ireland to India! I think it was on a 3-speed bike! Very interesting and well written. Mr. Clancy, if you read this, I really hope you'll consider rewriting your book in the style of a biography. I want to feel your pain and joy. Also, the map lacks details and although there are many fotos, most of them are not bright enough. On a positive note: I give your website an: A++!! For anyone considering such a trip, I have one yourself 3 pound plastic containers of protein powder. Buy the type that can be mixed with water in a shaker. From reading Mr. Clancy's book, it is plain to see that having enough energy giving food is a major concern, so if you can start the day with a protein shake you can relax a little until you find some regular food. The brand Isopure offers 50 grams of protein per serving and is lactose free. If I ever try such a long road journey, this is the only way to go! Of course there are other protein companies which you may prefer. If anyone wants to contact me, please do so at: THANK YOU, especially Michael who is a true inspiration!!! C.T. in Southern California[but from Delaware]

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  As advertised ! , 01/05/2006
Reviewer: Ted Kobishyn
After reading 3/4 of the book i then went to the web site to view in color many of the locations written about in the book. I found the escape provided by short chapters crisp and to the point. Hey Mike, whats with all the lazy days spent inside because of a little rain. That would drive me crazy. Other then that thanks for the adventure. TK

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