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Magdalene's Well

. Saga-Rhose (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-1980-7 ©2004
Price: $19.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 276 pages
Category/Subject: FICTION / Historical

A secret for far too long, the real relationship between Mary Magdalene and Jesus was a threat to those who would call him “god.”

She was born into a family that educated her in the old Priestess ways, the teachings of Isis. Her school was located on a Misty Isle with lessons remindful of Harry Potter’s. This magically gifted child grew into a beautiful and independent woman of wisdom who began her soul mission the day she met Jesus at the well. The tender love between them spurned a jealousy by those who considered women inferior and unworthy of the one they called “master.” Her life was magical, mystical, full of deep sorrow, and yet holds the greatest joys of a woman in love.

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Customer Reviews

  Magdalene's well "Women at the Well" , 09/09/2004
Reviewer: Iva Suddon
This book is causing a stir among women across America and already spreading to other countries. It is about the Divine Feminine and and the Divine Masculine. Women are using this book as a basis for forming reading groups titled "Women at the Well". They read one chapter at a time then discuss the book and their own lives and experiences. Each chapter is full of important life lessons and wisdom for everyone, men and women alike. If you liked Mists of Avalon and The Di Vinci Code you will love this book as well.

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  The Story His-Story Forgot , 09/09/2004
Reviewer: Yolanda Yustwan
Magdalene’s Well is the narrative of Mary Magdalene as the beloved wife to Jesus. According to the preface, this story comes from two unassuming women who began hearing voices in the 90s and have achieved a degree of respect as channels to a group called the guardians and eventually Mary Magdalene also. Now before you back off, please realize that the curiosity evoked from having read the Da Vinci Code, The Mists of Avalon or The Red Tent make this book a must read if only to clarify some of the mysteries the aforementioned books are bound to create. Mary Magdalene asked these ladies to listen to her story, the story of her heart, the story history forgot, and to bring it to the world. This recitation is written in a simple-to-read novel format where you can almost hear the voice of Mary Magdalene herself as she recounts her life from her childhood-priestess training to her life with Jesus and their family and her ministry in the south of France. The story offers an excellent look into the lives of women during the Biblical times and a glimpse into a world long forgotten for those priestess-trained who may yet recognize themselves in this book. There are some particularly memorable scenes, such as the meeting of Jesus and Mary Magdalene at the well, the marriage ceremony, the birth of their first daughter (and the consecutive children), the stoning of Jesus’ brother James, the end of her life as her beloved Jesus comes to collect her, and much of the lost ritual from times and places long ago. The story is told from the heart perspective, the major theme being the emotion experienced by this long-defiled woman who finally, in this new age of recognition of the divine feminine, becomes recognized as the heavenly being she and all women are meant to be.

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  Mythic Story of Sacred Union , 09/26/2004
Reviewer: Tom Huber
Magdalene’s Well: A Mythic Story of Sacred Union A book review by Tom Huber Who was Mary Magdalene? Was she a prostitute as the so called modern bible records? Or was she the sacred vessel of the royal bloodline of Jesus, his beloved companion, and the embodiment of the archetypal goddess that other gospels, historians, select scholars, contemporary authors (such as Dan Brown, Da Vinci Code), and believing laypersons contend? Or perhaps like the Grail legend itself, she will forever remain a mystery. Interested readers will find clues to this on-going mystery in this new book, Magdalene’s Well which Saga-Rhose have birthed into the world at this time. The authorship like Mary M. herself is not easy to understand and accept. Although the book is classified as “fiction,” one would be false in understanding this work as being an invented story. One could more appropriately place this book and the deeper understanding of Mary of Magdalene in the realm of myth. Sometimes it is only through mythology that dangerous truths can be symbolically revealed. The preface begins, “This book is more magical than fiction.” One learns this book was channeled from Mary Magdalene herself through the two-person team known as Saga-Rhose. This is quite a stretch for the modern mind to accept that a disembodied entity (Mary M.) has used the physical embodiment of two individuals as the mouthpiece or spokespersons to tell the true story of her life some 2,000 years ago. Saga-Rhose as “mid-wives” of MM’s story do not take on the issue of proving the authorship of this work. As two deeply intuitive-feeling souls they focus instead on the importance of hearing this “love story” from a woman’s point of view. The recent proliferation of MM-related literature (a Google search today results in 138,000 Internet hits) seems to be making the same point. Perhaps we are seeing the early signs of making a correction in “his-tory” where the sacred feminine or goddess is finally given her rightful place as a co-equal in our symbolic understanding of the godhead, and hopefully as well, on an interpersonal (male-female relations) and cultural level. In this respect, Magdalene’s Well deserves credit in getting the story right and deepening the understanding that the masculine can only be properly balanced by the feminine. The story itself of Mary M. and Jesus is a deeply personal and human one. This quality of the portrayal has also been lacking in many of the recordings of the life of Jesus with most authors (and especially the Church) wanting quickly to establish Christ’s divine nature and thereby neglecting his human origins and life. How can one fully understand the passion of Christ without recognizing the requirements of his human body and the full emotional life of the man? Those prepared for such knowledge will not be overly shocked to learn that Jesus and Mary “knew” one another in the full biblical sense of the word. They not only were what today we would call “twin souls”, but they experienced a full carnal knowledge of the other. As companions, they were spouse to each other, and continued the royal bloodline of both the House of David (Jesus) and the House of Benjamin (Mary). Many know or believe that Sarah was the love child of Jesus and Mary’s, but was she the only one? You will have to read this book to find out. Another surprise concerns Christ’s long reported and believed dying on the cross. Magdalene’s Well offers another version of the passion play. There has been much speculation on the “lost years of Jesus” where he perhaps was trained in the Far East and elsewhere in the esoteric arts, which gave him the ability to perform miracles and acts of healing. In this story of Mary’s we also learn that she experienced her own secret training in the ways of the Priestess, which was a dangerous undertaking at the time she lived. The pagan rites and ceremonies which honored the feminine were no longer supported by the emerging masculine-dominated culture, and women have been trying to recover their rightful place and heritage ever since. The propitious meeting of Mary and Jesus at the water well symbolizes the rightful, cooperative work they were intended to do together. It was to be a full merging of the masculine and feminine to communicate a fully integrated form of religion and spiritual practice with mutual respect and acceptance of both halves of our human and spiritual nature. The Mother God and Father God were to be joined to serve and celebrate the Oneness of God. However, early on we learn the full mission was compromised. The world was not ready for a full partnership between the sexes in matters of marriage and spirituality. The twelve apostles were not all happy to be complemented by Mary’s twelve female inner group members. The latter group had to go underground to keep the way of the sacred feminine preserved. This opportunity for a mature expression of our spiritual nature, which incorporated the ancient pagan ways was considered a threat and so for the most part went unfulfilled. There are some very moving and poignant parts to this story, which every reader will find in his or her reading. It is not a story that necessarily has a completely happy ending, but one is given hope that indeed the story does continue. That the sorrow of Mary’s life, the mistreatment she received early on and later as part of the “hysterical” record, the prolonged absence of her beloved, does not deter her or us in believing that the full promise of the sacred union will one day be realized. Tom Huber holds a Masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology from West Georgia College, and works as a full time advisor and instructor at Southwestern Michigan College.

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  Rings True , 06/08/2006
Reviewer: Marlene Sanford
As I read this marvelous book I felt transported through the heart temple to witness a believable relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene.Bravo to the revelation catapulted by this lovely story and similar information the Source is awakening within many planetarily. Old his-tory in the new age is being stripped of the fake-machoism that proliferates war, not love. The Goddess energy and Her-story is much needed to bring balance back to a world that has become so very confused by the denial of divine union and equality. Humanity has been perversely misguided by religion, politics, institutional doctrine and cultural beliefs... I pray this book is made into a movie. It opens the mind to the distinct fact and common sensibility that to be human is to be divine, and to be divine is accessible through the monad of physicality. I whole-heartedly respect the work that these authors do and the courage to reveal the truth as they have reported it. The world is starving for messages of love, encouragement and common ground; shared with the unconditional love that only a mother, wife, and lover can know. I have no doubt, as a multi-level trance channel myself, that the most accurate details and events can be reported through divine channeled communication. My only complaint is that the book has no sequel as of yet, it left me wanting more... Best wishes for a wonderful future through the Goddess' story. Sincerely, Marlene Sanford, "Goddess of Awakening" trance level multi-dimentional communication.

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  The energy of the book , 10/29/2010
Reviewer: Huda
I read this book as my good night story, so i took my time reading it, The day i finished it i felt sad that it ended. I had so many Ah moment reading it, there is so much Energy teaching in it, which is not known of, and that is what fascinated me about it! the bounce for me, was the dreams i had, when i put it off and slept! I am looking forward to the Joshua's song! Namasté

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