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Treasure Hunting on a Budget: 2

Robert E. Park (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-2215-8 ©2004
Price: $11.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 120 pages
Category/Subject: ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES / General

Whether you see a metal detector as an instrument for a hobby or one to financial advancement, here is a book to motivate you to do more.

This second installment includes valuable insight to the different avenues that today’s Treasure Enthusiast can take to get to a successful level of Treasure Hunting. It covers activities as simple as dump digging and relic hunting, and as complex and interruptive as reading signs and symbols, or cache hunting. Electronic device discovery, and recovery methods are covered extensively, but this book also touches on several other insightful means of discovery. It takes a stab at understanding hundreds of years of adventurers, and explorers, in early American history, including both coastal and interior areas. The main emphasis of this book is on developing a conservative and long term approach to achieve success.

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Customer Reviews

  Good Reading , 02/24/2006
Reviewer: Glen Lake
I needed fast help and found that and more from this informative little book. I liked this approuch. I also got out of my little cookie-cutter developement hunted those old areas that I have always wanted to look into.

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  Still learning , 08/17/2007
Reviewer: Bill Learner
I have been looking for lost items with a metal detector for 12 or 15 years and honestly have slowed down by lack of interest. This interesting little book has kick-started me again and added helpful insights. I had forgotten why I'd started detecting in the first place, and forgotten that feeling 0f finding valuables lost by others, never to see the light of day...untill I stumble upon them. Now I've started over and started anew.

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  The Treasure Hunter Strikes Back , 11/10/2004
Reviewer: Corey Schmiedekamp
Very few sequels are better than the original. The Empire Strikes Back, The Godfather II and Treasure Hunting on a Budget: 2 would fit in that category. Once again Mr. Park has written a entertaining yet educational book. "2" touches on some new subjects in the treasure hunting/collecting field and also has new ideas on items included in the first book. Very light, humorous and informative book. If you are a beginner or expert, this book and the first one are a must read.

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  Great understanding of Treasure , 12/22/2004
Reviewer: Kip Landers
Super book on finding Treasure and over looked treasures of all sorts. This writter has tapped into something else, with a wealth of experience of actually finding treasures large and small. Some orginial thoughts on the discovery's...and also on the need for us all the hold tangable wealth for those unforseen emergenices that may ( or may not ) fall upon us. I like his wit also, a lighthearted read, with lots of knowedge for each of us. I've begun some of his suggestions already.

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  Achieve success in Treasure Hunting , 02/24/2005
Reviewer: Ladine Pullin
Great book on Treasure hunting. This book is informative and educational. Have always had an interest in finding hidden treasure. My husband and I look forward to starting our own adventure in treasure hunting. This book will help us to use the skills needed to achieve success.

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  Big Help , 07/24/2005
Reviewer: Glen Trout
WOW, what a big help in getting me in a durtion to start in.. have had a metal detector for a couple of years, but never had the nerve and understanding to use it enough to fine anything.I went to the first two suggested location in my town,and found a large number of modern coins and a silver quarter. That was the start of a month of finding stuff. Each week seems to be better than the last. Just by detecting in the early morning alone is increseing my change jar, that's not counting the evening hours. It's fun now too.

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  Nice Book , 08/30/2005
Reviewer: Tim Klein
I enjoy reading about treasure hunting in any form,and this book is a great read. It covers treasure idleas that I had not concidered and am now venturing into. It is a simple approuch to an age old art (craft?). I hope to do more Treasure hunting in the colder mouths of the year then before. This book would make a great gift.

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  Future Retirement , 04/21/2008
Reviewer: Walter Banks
I enjoyed this book, Quality in printing, fresh view-point, if a little edgey. If you are watching things unfold- he's hitting the nail on the head like a real carpenter. I just need a kick-start once in a while and this was it this time. There are things I can do now, before retirement, that will help me raise real money to fund the next venture, nice.... thanks guy.

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