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Ghost Kids Trilogy

Linda Meckler (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-2273-5 ©2004
Price: $11.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 144 pages
Category/Subject: JUVENILE FICTION / Action & Adventure

Three books Ghost Kids, Blue Vase Mystery and The Pirates’ Treasure-The Hunt. They all have in common two children, a spooky old house, Ghost Kids, Pirates’ Treasure, Adventure and Mystery.

Ghost Kids
Two Ghost Kids, Andrew, 8 years old and his sister Kristal Ann 14 months old confront two real children Christy, 12 and her brother Brad, 16. All of them live together in a house that is over one hundred years old. The Ghost Kids makes a desperate request of the family. Can the family pull together and help the Ghost Kids in their quest.

Blue Vase Mystery
Uncle Charlie returns as the villain from Ghost Kids. He asks Christy and Brad for a favor, claiming in return he will tell them where the Pirates’ Treasure is hidden in the house. Will Christy and Brad help Uncle Charlie?

Pirates’ Treasure–The Hunt
Christy and Brad are taken on a treasure hunt, they will never forget, journeying throughout their house from attic to cellar. Will the Pirates’ Treasure be found?

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Customer Reviews

  An exciting adventure.... , 11/08/2004
Reviewer: Diana
This is a great book about a couple of kids, Brad and Christy who seem to always be in to something. They are trying to figure out the mystery of The Ghost Kids living in their house and how to set them free. But that's not all... While they are searching around they find some interresting treasures. This was a very cute and exciting book to read. I'm sure you will enjoy too.

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  Adventure/Great , 11/22/2005
Reviewer: Wendy
I loved the adventure. I felt I was right there with Christy and Brad. I went on the search for the ghost kids bones. I went on the search for secret rooms. I loved Uncle Charlie even though he was the bad guy. He said he was sorry. I felt that I was on the hunt for the pirates treasure. I loved the way the family worked together and respected each other. Brad treated his little sister with respect. You don't see that anymore. I would recommend this book to kids of all ages.

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  WOW , 11/25/2005
Reviewer: Dena
Could NOT put this down!! She leads from one adventure to another seamlessly, effortlessly, with the reader sitting on the edge of the chair. It emphasizes family values, a love between a brother and sister seldom seen, and a commitment to achieveing a goal. Bravo.

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  Ghost Kids Trilogy 3 Books in One , 09/17/2006
Reviewer: Ivan ringsdorf D.D.
I Enjoyed reading your book Ghost Kids Trylogy Wow Three Books in One. Thank you for the Adventure. God Bless You!

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  3 in 1 Excitement , 12/02/2006
Reviewer: Chuck
As a retired teacher and knowing how important reading is to the developement of young students I is my sincer belief that this 3'N one trilogy is just what the Dr. ordered for the student from 8 through 12 age group. I reaches the level of excitement that young readers would be able to handle and understand and above all keep them on the edge of their seat as well as anticipation of what is coming next. Great job and lets see more.

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  Flashback , 02/16/2007
Reviewer: John Wolf
Your stories take me back to being a kid. There's nothing better than ghost stories in a big-ol' house. There was a lot for a kid to get wrapped up in with all the twists and turns. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this trilogy and recommend it to any young reader.

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  A very exciting story! , 02/19/2007
Reviewer: Shirley Ann Parker
Kids and grown-ups will enjoy reading this highly original book! Lots of action, and you just don't know what's going to happen next. There's a strong emphasis on family values, and I love the way Brad treats his little sister Christy. It's rare to find that kind of respect in families today, especially coming from a teen. Great trilogy!

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  Captures the Imagination of the Developing Reader Perfectly , 10/02/2007
Reviewer: Lois W. Stern
As soon as early readers pass beyond the emergent reader stage (i.e. the cat-bat-hat word families as well as a basic sight vocabulary), they grow eager to show off their literary skills by immersing themselves in 'chapter books'. Ghost Kids Trilogy fills the needs of the developing reader perfectly! With this creative trilogy of stories of mystery and suspense, Linda Meckler succeeds in the difficult task of capturing the reader's interest and imagination - ending each chapter with a new angle to thrust them forward. (Retired Reading Teacher and Author of Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery)

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  Great Imagination , 02/16/2008
Reviewer: Pauline Hager
Ghost Kids Trilogy is a delightful ghost story that any child, ages 8 on up to 77, will enjoy. I grew up in a big old house in New England, similar to the house in Ms. Meckler's story. It brought back memories of creaky old wooden stairs and big old squeaky doors, a huge dusty attic and a dirt floor basement, all the trappings that make for a scary ghost story. Alas, my house did not rattle with ghosts! I intend to give this book to my grandson for his birthday next month, when he turns nine. I know he will enjoy it as much as I did. Well done, Linda.

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