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Around the World at 75: Alone Dammit!

John Guy LaPlante (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-2364-2 ©2005
Price: $18.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 366 pages
Category/Subject: TRAVEL / General

Around the world—Author John’s birthday treat! His buddy quits. Dammit! John perseveres. Success! Returns happy and fulfilled. Much practical info helps others have a good trip—save money.

This is the author’s treat for his 75th birthday. 147 days, 20 countries, 37,650 miles. By plane, train, and bus. Only $83 per day. Problem! His buddy Keith drops out early. Dammit! How to go on alone to places like Cambodia and India, Egypt, Nairobi, Peru? He thinks of quitting but perseveres. Many adventures, some mishaps. Success! This former journalist’s book tells the exciting story. His “BackPack” of 50 pages is jammed with practical info. He wants you, maybe a first-timer, to have a better, safer trip – and save money.

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Customer Reviews

  Around the World at 75 , 04/03/2005
Reviewer: michael mittelmann
What a wonderful account of a fabulous, basically solo, trip. Personal anecdotes blended with historical information would be excellent groundwork for following in the author's footsteps. A key highlight is the 53 page, indexed section entitled My BackPack that's filled with information about the necessities of travel anywhere. "My Do's" and "My Don'ts" as well as "The Research Suggestions" will,undoubtedly, help both seasoned and novice adventurers. Black & white photographs are supplemented by a separate Photo Album CD/DVD. This book should be available in the travel section of every public library.

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  Traveling the Easy Way , 04/16/2005
Reviewer: Annabelle Williams
What a great adventure to travel around the world with John Laplante without moving from your chair! See the world with the genial, curious, interested John Laplante.

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  Honest and Lively! , 01/10/2007
Reviewer: Sheila Connelly
I really enjoyed this book. The writing is honest and lively. If you are thinking of traveling the world, and still working out your stops, share John's experiences in different countries and cities and decide if the destination sounds good to you. You don't have to travel the world, you can just head to one or two of the places. This book is packed with many excellent travel tips. I have never stayed in a hostel, but would now. John is right that the opportunity to meet other friendly travelers is guaranteed at a hostel and not as likely when you get into your isolated hotel room. And what a small world we live in. John met Wu from China in Nairobi, and I met Wu when I visited Shanghai. Wu told me about John and his book. An excellent recommendation!

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  This is like traveling the world from the comfort of home! , 07/27/2010
Reviewer: Artie
LaPlante has done an excellent job of letting you "feel" you are with him around the world. His stories are filled with anecdotes that bring life to every page. He gives you more than just a tourist's perspective, he gives you interesting details about the people he has met, the cultural back-stories about each place, and wonderful information that sticks with you. A great read: informative, fun and memorable.

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