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A Private Diary: Our First Year in Swinging

Jerry L. Moore (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-2731-1 ©2005
Price: $17.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 318 pages
Category/Subject: COMICS & GRAPHIC NOVELS / Graphic Novels / Erotica

Jerry and Susie are your typical small-town middle-aged next door neighbors, except they have embarked on a journey into the hidden life of wild and sexually charged swingers!

A Private Diary: Our First Year in Swinging is the diary of a couple’s exploration into the secret sexual world of the Lifestyle. Jerry and Susie are an average married small-town couple who make a New Year’s resolution between them to attend a swingers club and are launched into a sexually exciting year of adventure and discovery. They join the rapidly growing underground society of swingers who seek carnal pleasures with others. Their education in swinging is fast and furious as they plunge enthusiastically into one sexual adventure after another.

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Customer Reviews

  A Private Diary/Swinging , 09/26/2005
Reviewer: Jo Jo & DL
Jerry's book perfectly describes the Swinging Lifestyle..we highly recommend it for "Lifestyle Wannabe's" Highly erotic and sexually charged,,its HOT.

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  Erotically HOT, couldn't put down! , 10/10/2005
Reviewer: Tom Davis
WOW! Rather than being one of those boring "how to" manuals about the swinging lifestyle, it is obvious this book is truly the real experiences of a novice swinging couple. In addition to including their scintillatingly erotic encounters, it also reveals their inner emotions, thoughts and feelings throughout, which really made it a very personal and private sharing experience. I found it easy to read and sexually exciting as they fulfilled one fantasy after another. It kept me interested to find out what they might get into next! It was also very informative about the inner workings of the lifestyle for someone like me who is an outsider curious about swinging.

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  recommended , 01/11/2006
Reviewer: Dr. Alan Goldberg, Phd
I had the pleasure of meeting Mr & Mrs Moore two years ago at a national Lifestyles convention while I was doing research for an analytical treatise on the psychological aspects of the swinging lifestyle. While Dr McGinley's viewpoints and guiding principles are established and well known after he first launched his Lifestyles ventures in 1975, the thoughts and opinions of most of the estimated 3 million swingers in the U.S. are still relatively unknown. As a human behavior research psychologist, I have several theories as to why this is the case, including the position of the national media coverage, which has been typically an approach of "titillating the public with it so you can increase sales, then judge it harshly so you can maintain editorial credibility." In my discussions with the Moores, I found them to be genuine, open and very comfortable at speaking freely of their involvement with the lifestyle. With many others who I have met within the swinging community, this has not been the case. This particular aspect of the lifestyle was one of the key areas that I had set out to explore, whether those involved were comfortable with themselves and with their involvement. I was curious whether participants viewed it as a healthy and viable alternative lifestyle, or whether they were ashamed of their activities and whether that guilt formed the underlying basis of the continuing secretive nature of swinging (whereas most other alternative lifestyles, including many which had much deeper rooted stigmas throughout mainstream society, such as the Gay/Lesbian community, have now "come out of the closet" and have demanded both recognition and acceptance by society as a whole). Another possibility for the secretive nature of the lifestyle may be due to the apparently large number of participants who are not truly swingers, but instead are using the lifestyle community as a readily available playground for illicit affairs, representing themselves as single (or non-married couple), when they are actually participating without the knowledge of their spouse or life partner. Upon meeting Mr Moore, I encouraged him to publish their personal diary of swinging experiences, as the dearth of open and honest publications in the public domain about the Lifestyle, written by members of the swinging community, is indicative of the curiously lagging freedom of expression within this growing segment of society. The swinging community continued to grow throughout the 1980's and 1990's, and is currently undergoing an upsurge of interest and growth, yet it remains one of the few significant alternative lifestyles still mired in the Victorian societal ethic. Members of the Lifestyle community continue to cultivate this general lack of understanding and acceptance of their interests through their reluctance to embrace their lifestyle openly and honestly. After reading Mr Moore's book, I found it to be an excellent addition to the unfortunately small selection of books available of its nature. Mr Moore did an excellent job of providing an overview of the types of people within the swinging community, accurately disclosing that a broad cross-section of society is represented within this segment, just as it is in most others. Mr Moore also earns my compliments for providing a view into the emotional and psychological impacts of swinging from a male perspective, revealing his own humanness as well as that of others, one of the important aspects of the lifestyle, but certainly overlooked within most other available publications.

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