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God's Plan for Peace in the Middle East

Douglas W. Kittredge (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-2842-3 ©2006
Price: $12.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 111 pages
Category/Subject: RELIGION / Eschatology

GOD’S PLAN FOR PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST gives hope to resolving the spiritual issues that motivate the terror attacks and retaliations.

We see the conflict on our televisions, we hear about bombings on our radios, and we read about retaliations in our newspapers. The news media is flooded with stories of conflict in the Middle East, especially with Israel. Politicians struggle to broker peace settlements through the right policies and compromises while maintaining their own historic identity. Fifty years of failed efforts show that an important component is missing. Does God have a plan to bring genuine peace to the Middle East? Is God helpless to end the centuries old hostilities? GOD’S PLAN FOR PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST offers God’s hope to deal with the spiritual roots of the conflict. Consider God’s plan affirmed by the Apostle Paul, “I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation for everyone who believes . . .”

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Customer Reviews

  Provocative, enlightening and informative. , 02/24/2006
Reviewer: Larry Plating
Over the millennia there have been several times when God chose to disperse His chosen people in all directions throughout the globe. The most recent destruction of their political and religious center, Jerusalem, in AD 70 was accompanied by a grafting in of the Gentile nations into God’s heart as a provocation to jealousy for the Jew. Since that happened, the son’s of Ham, Jeptha and Shem have, by God’s election, enjoyed an equal place in God’s heart for the sowing and reaping of His Word. Many appear to have been chosen to provoke the Jew to become completed. This provocation has included what we might consider both blessings and cursings. The Gentile enjoys the blessing of Abraham. Is it not time for the Jew to be regrafted? Dr. Kittredge provokes us to discern the plan that God put in motion before time began, and may be using in the 21st century, to restore the blessing to His first choice, at the same time restoring peace to the Middle East. Dr Kittredge also suggests there may be a part for us to play in God’s current plan. Too often our trips to the Holy Land have been for our personal gain in both knowledge and pleasure. Several of our brothers are laboring precisely where Jesus labored. Is God urging us to come alongside our Christian brother, both Arab and Jew, to labor as well? At least on a short-term mission trip?

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  This author & book are demented! , 08/28/2006
Reviewer: JAZZ
Philosophers debate as to whether God even exits! This author claims not only to know THAT, but, to specifically have knowledge of a plan by God for Christian and Jew (with the needs of Muslims ignored!). As usual with alleged Biblical scholars, the Bible is "cherry-picked" with quotes from here and there to support his points. Almost any "Biblical scholar", can "prove" any point that he wants to, by simply arbitrarily quoting whichever passages from the Old and New Testaments that he wants to. This author is no exception! Many "Biblical Scholars" have predicted that the "End" is near, based upon Scripture. To see an extensive list of such failed predictions please see the website at: This book is best ignored!

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  Provocative and deja vu , 09/10/2006
Reviewer: Esther Busbib
Did not read the whole book, after killing , converting by force, burning and gassing jews since the birth of christ, now they want to turn the other cheek and convert them with honey.

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  Kittredge's Idea of Completion , 09/16/2006
Reviewer: George Goldsmith
There are numerous Christians like Mr. Kittredge who call converting Jews "completing" them. We Jews call fallen Jews like Mr. Kittredge "broken and in need of repair" or "Tikkun." It never occurs to folks like Kittredge that maybe they're the ones who have it wrong, that they fell off the wagon. Back when Judaism had evolved naturally into Gnosticism for the masses and ritual Judaism for the Priestly class, and in general had its epic battle with what we can call the Absolutists, who became the Pauline Church and then the Church of Rome, those who allowed themselves to be bullied and misled into Absolutism lost their original covenant with God (whatever God is). That covenant, in the Gnostic sense, was a direct and highly personal experience. The Absolutists who would eventually consolidate power in first Constantinople and then Rome, were totally threatened by Jewish Gnosticism and Ritualism. So they murdered opponents, suppressed debate and scholarly works and made up "history," doing what any evil, totalitarian and authoritarian group does in its bloodlust for power and control. They defeated Jewish Gnosticism precisely because those who remained Jewish and/or Gnostic were not about power and control, their lives were about a direct, personal relationship with their individual versions of God. Kittredge either doesn't know enough about Jewish and Christian early history to think this through, or else he does, which is actually a scarier concept. We Jews, who are not so centralized because of our gnostic tendencies, hope one day to welcome fallen Jews like Mr. Kittredge back into the fold. Reject Absolutism, the father of Fundamentalism, and return to the fold which promotes a direct, personal relationship with Yaweh and does not need a pagan idol like The Jesus Man, derivative of so many similar icons before it, to know God.

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  Grafting in! , 09/18/2006
Reviewer: Bob Powelson
My, my! This theory comes right out of the Book of Mormon. I am a Mormon and it is found as the parable of the Olive grove in Jacob in the Book of Mormon.

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  Thought provoking and encouraging , 05/01/2007
Reviewer: Naomi
So many Christians disregard the Jews and forget about them despite the fact that they are God's first chosen. This book helps to provoke the Christian to be apart of God's revitalization of peace in the Middle East.

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