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Fatal Friendship: The Search for Doe Roberts

Beecher Smith (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-3459-8 ©2007
Price: $14.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 240 pages
Category/Subject: TRUE CRIME / Murder / General

Allen Roberts becomes the prime suspect when his beloved wife Doe is kidnapped. As time passes, prospects for her return diminish and even those closest to him question his innocence.

Wealthy businessman Allen Roberts comes home one afternoon to find his wife of 44 years, Doe, missing. That evening the kidnapper telephones, making ransom demands. The FBI comes in, but finds no leads, always returning to Allen as the prime suspect. When Allen begins dating an attractive widow, many start to think he is guilty. Allen’s most vocal accuser is his former friend and fellow Methodist church member, Charles Lord, a pillar of the community. Suspicious conduct by Lord eventually leads the investigators to uncover evidence implicating him. When they confront Lord, he confesses to abducting and murdering Doe Roberts.

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Customer Reviews

  NOT WORTH THE MONEY!!! , 09/15/2007
This book is written by a lawyer who ain't nothin but a hound dog himself. Like most lawyers, he only profits from the misfortunes of others, just as a buzzard feasts upon the weak. It's a shame that some people, including lawyers, think more of the almighty dollar and themselves then they do of people in unfortunate situations. One must be sick to attempt to capatilize on a book such as this!!!

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Reviewer: A. D. Smith
A REVIEW OF FATAL FRIENDSHIP: THE SEARCH FOR DOE ROBERTS By Beecher Smith (2007--Infinity Publishing $14.95) by A. D. Smith For 44 years Doe Roberts and her husband and business partner Allen Roberts have been inseparable. Together they rose from humble origins to become multimillionaires. Then on Friday, August 6, 1992, Allen returns to their home in Eads, Tennessee, to find Doe missing. A telephone call from the kidnapper demanding ransom, shortly after Allen arrives, confirms that Doe has been taken. Thus his nightmare begins. Allen contacts the local authorities and the FBI quickly assumes jurisdiction, but finds no leads. Doe Roberts has simply vanished. With no one else to focus on, Allen becomes the prime suspect. With all attention on Doe’s husband, the real perpetrator weaves a web of evil among the Roberts’ friends and family members working to poison their minds against Allen. The gripping, compelling, multi-person narrative details the day to day events over thirteen months from Doe’s disappearance to the location of her body and the aftermath. The plot is well presented, showing the paradox of how decent folk perceive reality, and how one twisted criminal distorts it. This first true crime work by Memphis author, poet, and book critic Beecher Smith proves in all respects a worthy read.

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  "Fatal Friendship" , 09/28/2007
Reviewer: Florence Bruce
I enjoyed this book a lot, especially Chapter 16, the longest chapter, the interrogation procedure. I feel sure Mr. Smith's legal background was a great help in writing this book, in terms of clarity. I did wish he had listed the characters and their relationships at the front of the book.

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  A GREAT TRUE CRIME BOOK , 10/03/2007
Reviewer: P. Sangre
Once I picked it up, I could not put it down. This is a page-turner. One can't help but feel sympathy for Allan Roberts and outrage at what the kidnapper has done. The details of the Memphis. Tennessee area are fascinating as well as the bungling attempts of the law enforcement officials to track down the perpetrator. Although justice prevails, the truth in this book is much stranger than fiction. Bravo!

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  , 10/27/2010
I know the Lord family personally, these sick people have praised Charles Lord for his great intelligence and how he had everyone fooled. The whole family except for the daughters, is twisted. Charles Lord's wife, Sylvia is very cruel and could have been involved based on what I know of her. I understand she has no relationship with her daughters, because they feel she was connected in some way. I believe none of them speak to one another. Great read though I too could not put it down especially since I was mentioned a time or two. Author should have put in all confessions and more transcripts from the trial. Someone in hus family must have wrote the first review on this page.

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  Fasinating Book , 07/25/2011
Reviewer: L. White
I couldn't put the book down, couldn't wait to find out what happened next. I was disappointed though that the people investigating the stolen money and murder for ransom didn't ask Charlie what he needed the money for, and where did it all go. What was he involved in that would drive him to commit murder, embezzle from the Gov, and lie and steal from his church? I also think Sylvia was somehow involved. You think she would be so distraught about what her husband did, she would be very apologetic to her fellow church friends, not ignoring them and glaring at them.

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  Strange family , 11/22/2013
Reviewer: shirley davis
This book is well worth the money!! I knew Charles Lord, and also his two sister's. They were very nice people, and don't know how he could have turned out to be such a monster. I found him to be very strange. His parents lived across the street from us in Marietta Ga...Wish I had seen the trial. I couldn't put the book down it was so interesting.

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