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Give Me Back My Credit!

Denise Richardson (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-3474-1 ©2006
Price: $16.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 222 pages

A mesmerizing tale that exposes the steep price paid by consumers when mortgage servicing errors, inaccurate credit and illegal debt collection practices invade an innocent woman’s life for 15 years.

This is an amazing and powerful first hand accounting of credit identity theft, and is a vital tool towards understanding what we are all up against in our current age of data collection and unchecked usage. This book is NOW AVAILABLE in audio format on CD! CLICK HERE! The author, Denise Richardson, paid a little extra on her mortgage each month, hoping to shorten the length of her mortgage and pay less interest charges. That simple, recommended practice catapulted her into a decade of epic David vs. Goliath battles, stealing her true credit identity and 10 years of her life. After reclaiming her good name-briefly, she realized others were shredding her credit, thus stealing another five years of her life. Denise paints a human face on the insidious effects of Identity theft, inaccurate credit reporting and loan servicing fraud while offering chapter lessons that provide knowledgeable tips to help prevent becoming a victim of a system gone terribly wrong. This book will show you the errors and dangers of certain conventional wisdoms, allowing you to steer clear of gut wrenching financial problems.

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Customer Reviews

  INSIGHT , 10/19/2006
Reviewer: ROB INNES

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  GREAT READING , 10/23/2006
Reviewer: ROB INNES

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  Informative and Human... , 11/06/2006
Reviewer: Kate
Not only does Richardson give you the straight facts about how to monitor your credit, the flaws of the system and the arduous task of fixing errors. She also tells a very good story about her life, about herself and the personal struggle she faced. This book is a good worst-case scenario tale that will wake anyone up and into action in defence of their own credit. After all, it's a scary world out there for us vulnerable consumers.

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  Not for the Faint of Heart! , 02/12/2007
Reviewer: Barbara Seidenstein
Denise Richardson's excellent book GIVE ME BACK MY CREDIT is not for the faint of heart. This true story made me furious at the crimes perpetrated against innocent consumers in the name of credit. This book should be mandatory reading for anyone considering financing ANYTHING! Do not sign another credit application until you have read this book. I highly recomment it.

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  EVERYONE should read this , 01/29/2008
Reviewer: Paula
I can't recommend this book highly enough. I so respect Ms. Richardson for taking the time to write this book to educate others about how to take care of their credit identity. You will be shocked at how small things can go so horribly wrong, and this book gives you the tools to monitor your credit health.

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