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FISHING Evangelism Growth Strategy

Brian D. Prucey (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-3834-8 ©2007
Price: $8.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 92 pages
Category/Subject: RELIGION / Christianity / Evangelism

FISHING Evangelism Growth Strategy uses the simple acrostic FISHING to help church leaders understand the process of evangelism. The FISHING strategy blends a powerful combination of biblical fidelity and cultural practicality.

The FISHING Evangelism Growth Strategy™ uses the simple acrostic FISHING to help church leaders understand the process of evangelism. Each letter in the FISHING acrostic represents a specific task within the church’s overall evangelism strategy. For each task, the church creates a comprehensive approach to win the lost to Jesus Christ. The FISHING Evangelism Growth Strategy™ provides a framework any church can use to construct their evangelism ministry. This is not a program, but a process. Any church can use this book as a guide or model for revitalizing their evangelistic efforts.

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Customer Reviews

  Excellent Read; Excellent Acrostic , 03/06/2007
Reviewer: Robin Kirksey
FISHING Evangelism Growth Strategy was an excellent read, excellent acrostic, well laid out. In other words, very well done. Many of the author's points hit home so well. I use to hate to visit churches where they asked you to stand up. Ours has the visitors cards on the seats and during the announcements they simply ask you to fill it out and drop it off by the coffee stand after the sevice for a free coffee or beverage of your choice. I particularly liked the Pagan Pool concept. Our church does this in a way which links them to getting involved in small groups and inviting them to social events - got a three for thing going. They have several small group meetings based on hobbies, activities etc... and the goal is to invite non-church goers. They have everything from a scrap book group to weekly basketball pickup games to guys who invite folks out to go fishing, dinner clubs, etc... All in an effort to the witness without pounding them down into the ground with the message - go out and get them, show them Christ in your life while socializing in a non-church atmosphere and then get them to church. Buy this book and give it to your pastor, church staff, or other evangelism leaders.

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  An Excellent Read , 03/13/2007
Reviewer: Rita Padgett
FISHING Evangelism Growth Strategy is an artful combination of biblical fidelity and cultural practicality. The author deftly weaves together essential elements of any strong evangelism program. The advanced reader may consider aspects of the book too basic, but pastors and church leaders will find the book useful for training their deacons, elders, or evangelism teams. The book is an easy read with a strong message. I highly recommend it.

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  A Complete Plan for Winning the Lost , 03/24/2007
Reviewer: JoAnn Walters
This is a wonderful book. More than just good reading -- it is a complete plan for winning the lost for Jesus. This book should be on the "must read list" for every church leader. It is filled with wisdom on evangelism -- everything from finding the lost and inviting them to become followers of Christ to ministering to new believers as they find their place within the family of God. A really good book that not only teaches how to be a fisher of men but also a shepherd to God's sheep.

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  Exactly What My Church Needs! , 04/02/2007
Reviewer: Kathy
"FISHING Evangelism Growth Strategy" is exactly what my church needs! It is educational and motivational; informational and inspirational. I’m glad Dr. Prucey only gave a broad-brush overview of the evangelism process in the local church without trying to force-feed some specific program that might work in one place but not in another. He is right to call the FISHING strategy a process and not a program. Any church can take the basic framework and adapt it for their church whether they are a traditional, contemporary, emerging, or a niche church. I’m going to buy copies for all my church board members!

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  Excellent Read , 05/04/2007
Reviewer: Chad H. Mills
I really enjoyed this book! It lays out a very simple, practical strategy for reaching people which is what we are called to do. This is not book on theories or programs. It is a strategy that is easy to apply to your everyday encounters. I recommend this book to pastors, youth pastors, deacons, Sunday School teachers and lay people. You will be challenged to do your part in reaching someone for Jesus Christ!

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