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Runaway 6

Frank George & Dudley Hale (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-3935-2 ©2007
Price: $10.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 110 pages
Category/Subject: FICTION / War & Military

Runaway 6 is Catch 22 meets M*A*S*H meets Dr. Strangelove, with a devilish Vietnam twist. A mixture of action and black comedy, Runaway 6 is truly original.

Is the late 60s and America's military campaign in Vietnam is going terribly wrong. For the chopper pilots of Landing Zone Sharon, the war isn't just wrong, it's insane. The real leader of LZ Sharon is WO3 Rick Nichols, a renegade pilot on his third tour. When their cuckoo commander, Major Ball, "walks home" through a minefield, Nichols takes command. He fights the war his way, unorthodox but effective. Major Ball's buddy, Colonel Snipper, unexpectedly arrives. When he can't find Major Ball, Snipper suspects foul play and starts an investigation. How does the story end? Read the novel.

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Customer Reviews

  Loved this book , 05/07/2007
Reviewer: Jim Hall
Better than a time machine, this book took me back and reminded me of the insanity that got us through the Vietnam war. Runaway 6 is great yarn and I hope they make it into a movie. Buy it, love it and appreciate the two guys who wrote it - they were there and they paid their dues.

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  Great book! , 05/16/2007
Reviewer: David Owen
I found this book enjoyble and hard to put down. Hope there are more to come.

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  fabuloso , 06/27/2007
Reviewer: diana klein
Easy read, excellent writing and I am a peace loving woman! My favourite part is when the little vietnam child had scorpian eggs in his ear, I live in Cabo san Lucas and we have plenty. Great book! Congratulations to Dudley and Frank!

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  War is not an answer , 07/03/2007
Reviewer: Evelyn Muller
This book has made me a dyed in the wool PEACENIK! I wish everyone would read it, especially George W.

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  A great read!! , 07/03/2007
Reviewer: Robert James
I loved this book. The dialogue tells the story and makes a fast read. It is very well written. War is never an answer!

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