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Always Like the First Time: Understand Your Personal Pleasures and Rekindle the Child Within

Kathryn Pape (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-3947-6 ©2007
Price: $11.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 153 pages
Category/Subject: SELF-HELP / Personal Growth / Happiness

Always Like the First Time is a book on wondrous opposites. Learn the science and the principles that govern our Inner Power and what bring us to the events we experience.

ALWAYS “LIKE” THE FIRST TIME will shock your current understanding of Personal Pleasure through:

1- Revealing the power of the word LIKE
2- Sharing the 5 Guiding Energy Principles of Personal Inner Enjoyment
3- Introducing the 7 Joyous Traits of Inner Pleasure
4- Proposing an opposite N.O.W. Power

ALWAYS “LIKE” THE FIRST TIME unlocks the secrets of creating on-going patience and endless energy. Discover how delicious self-control is only a command away. Learn about the fun of Kinesiology and start test/monitoring yourself toward “ultra” health and happiness.

Whether in a life threatening health situation, emotional or physical or just want to experience new, higher, naturally made pleasures, this book is for you.

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Customer Reviews

  true purpose , 03/14/2008
Reviewer: kate pape
it is quite unusual to review your own book- another opposite! Yet, this is why I wrote the book-FOR ME. Then persons who took my courses asked for a GUIDE. So the idea of a booklet began. There are so many neat changes, opposite responses, based on what is happening inside you, shared in the book to allow you to experience amazing sensation rewards. I want these sensations continuously that I have to keep handy a GUIDE (the book) and Fred the Head p.14. I rated the book a "5"( you might pick some other number-5!) :) You can jump in this book- like start at beginning and jump from p.51 learning the 5 principles to p.119 fun with silent self-talk- the PAPE WAY. Then go back and select another part. You have what you need- a brain for thought changing and your amazing nerves for feeling changing for pure pleasure without drug and/or drink. The next best step is the book, ALWAYS LIKE...a guide into your opposite thought and feeling world where you find your RIVER and learn to flow it for health, pleasure and joy.. read and flow, River Kate here.

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  Results , 03/15/2008
Reviewer: G. Jansen
A must! Read it! You will always be grateful to the author for renewed awakenings. This is a gift of new beginnings for hope and a happy, joyful, grateful and productive life; even to the end of your life. How sweet is that!

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