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A Movement in Time With Breitling & Rolex: An Unauthorized History

Mark A. Cooper (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-4168-3 ©2007
Price: $21.95
Book Size: 8.5" x 11" , 150 pages
Category/Subject: HISTORY / Reference

‘Movements in Time with Breitling and Rolex’ is the most conclusive unauthorized history ever published on quality watches. Discover how 6 year old Leon Breitling started his watch making career. How and why the Rolex name was formed. The positive impact World War I & II had on watch invention and production. The most factual guide on how to identify fake Rolex & Breitling watches. Plus the history of Ball, Cartier, IWC, Longines, Omega, Patek Philippe, and Zenith watches. Over 100 images of the World’s most exclusive watches.

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Customer Reviews

  interesting , 08/18/2007
Reviewer: Harold Johnson
I dont think its the worlds best book on watches, the pictures are blcak & white and not the best I have seen, The grammer is not perfect. The history on Rolex starts in London England, and follows the company and the founders with more detail than as ever been written before. The Breitling history was very informative, it starts with a young Leon Breitling and covers the history with the hsitory of flight, Nazi Germany and space flight. The book is a must for any watch collector/enthusiast or general history.

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  Great Book , 07/20/2007
Reviewer: Oliver
I am a serious watch collector, I have every book ever written on Rolex and Breitling watches. This book tells it like no other, The author seems to put it in story mode, Once I bought it, I could not put it down, its a great read full of facts and historic events, I learnt more from this book than any other I have before, I strongly recommend.

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  Great Read , 07/23/2007
Reviewer: Kevin Baurer
It made me laugh when I read it. The facts on the history are great, its like reading a story book. great pictures, I love the way the author covers the detail history, with pictures, such as the first man in space wearing a breitling, the first woman to swim the English channel wearing a Rolex. The jokes at the back came as a nice suprise, but whe I was reading the Do's and Dont's on how to take care of your watch, it ended with "Dont wear a sort sleeve shirt in the middle of winter to show off your Rolex, Your catch pheumoina" I spat out my coffee when I was reading that. The authors wording is pretty basic and down to earth, but he gets his point across. The back section also has the history on all the worlds top watch companies, some names I had never heard of. Overall a great read, You should not consider buying a Rolex/Breitling without a copy.

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  How to Spot fake Breitling at its best , 07/28/2007
Reviewer: Ken Fullerton
I wish I had this book earlier. It would have saved me $$$. At last a guide book on how to identify fake Breitling watches. The history of Breitling is well written, I love the authors sense of humour. The sections on Cartier and Zenith watches are great. I would have liked color pictures, apart from that, I cant fault it. I hope the author writes another book, Its a refreshing change to read a refernce book, told in story form.

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  Very well put together , 08/05/2007
Reviewer: Hans Swartzenbrugger
I never expected a book on watches to include history of the german flying ace The Red Baron, the first men in space, or to climb Mt Everest. Another suprise was I always thought Rolex was a Swiss company, not English. A great well written book on the history of the watches and the men who made them the famous names they are today. I have every book ever published on watches and clocks, This is currently my favorite.

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  The best I have read , 10/09/2007
Reviewer: Kevin William-Smith
Probably the best book on watch history.

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  True or Lie? , 08/27/2008
Reviewer: Rudolf Kramar
This book is quite interesting reading. Author made a good job searching for the watches history. Until you read the chapter about Cartier, which author states as "the world´s oldest watch company" For those who did not know - it is not Cartier, it is Vacheron Constatin, since 1755... The question is - if the author makes mistake in such a basic information, can you trust to the rest of informations in this book...???!!! Sorry for my english, I am not a native english language speaker.

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